Real or fake bangs

To be or not to be? That is what William Shakespeare kept asking in his famous act, Hamlet. I kept asking mysef, in my mind full of imagination, with or without bangs? That is the question of this material.
What are bangs? I think you ask, if this girl is going to give a definition of bangs? Well no! But I want to unfold the thread into four and not any, the hair strand. Bangs is, for me, an accessory of a haircut. It fits the facial features and gives it a nice outlined direction, highlighting qualities or hiding, by case, various defects.
Who can wear it? Generally people who have a wide forehead, scars on their forehead or who are simply fans of bangs, or want a radical change of look.
How to maintain it? Besides water, shampoo and conditioner or mask it maintains relatively easy but require daily attention. If for the rest of the hair, we spend 2 days a week to wash it and to style it , bangs need attention every day. Why? Simple. It gets dirty very quickly because we tend to arrange it and move our fingers often through it, ruining its shape from the way we sleep, we can wake up parted from the head to the eyebrows and so on.
In addition if you wear hats, caps or hats, this might flatten it on the forehead or you may find yourself in the situation to visit baths all the time, in all the places you go, to style it a little, which if you ask me … it’s already a bit too much .
Well then what we do if we still want bangs, but we aren’t in the mod to style it every day, we don’t want to sleep on your back just not to ruin it during sleep and we aren’t sure that we want to wait a few months to grow back?
Nothing easier! We can buy fake bangs from a salon that has something like that. 🙂

I recommend the hairdressing salon because there will give it the same color as the rest of your hair, they will trim and style it so perfectly such as real bangs.It is placed with clips in just a few moves and it gets off as fast. As I write i think about making bangs for myself … real, but fake … will leave you to guess.



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