The perfect foundation

There are lucky women who were born with a perfect skin. And when I say perfect skin, I mean such as baby’s; from this discussion will be excluded feckles, which I personally find them very sexy.

I’m not among the lucky ones with perfect skin, even far … Since I have been a teenager I had acne problems, then stains from the sun, because I was a big fan of bronze and later I faced various stains from pregnancy.

I visited a lot of dermatologists, who have always found a better or a worse treatment for me, succeeding more often to get rid of acne and stains, but my skin will never be perfect without any impurity. If you. my dears, have the same kind of problems as me, you must know that are no miracles and creams that make your skin like in photoshop, not even the miraculous birth control pills ( some doctors recommend these pills because they are related to hormonal disorders). The only thing that diminishes the problems and give you a good feeling is, ironically, foundation!

I know it sounds weird because it’s not good to cover your skin, do not let it breathe, cause actually we doesn’t treat, we just hide the problem ….. You know what? I use foundation nearly 20 years and the wrinkles haven’t shown up, not even more acne. I haven’t loaded it too much and I left it to breathe for at least 14 to 15 hours a day, when I am at home and don’t use it! I tryed the doctors’ option, leaving my skin to breathe until it has no air and redden from so much oxygen, giving lots of treatments, to combat hormones from the inside out … and surprise! The situation hasn’t improved! It didn’t get worse, but simply stagnated, no matter what treatments I used. So what I have left to do? To relax, cause it’s my body ,to discover and love it!

There are foundations for all. I’ve tried them all and after many tests, I have for you a top 3 best foundations for acne, spots or dark circles:

1. L’Oreal Accord Parfait

2. Vichy Dermablend

3. Estee Lauder Double Wear

In this moment I use Estee Lauder foundation which seems the best for me of the three ones, because the foundation doesn’t gather and doesn’t spread, even if worn for 12 hours, has the best cover and has shades that match with my skin, that so many times it isn’t noticed on my face.

When you want to buy a cosmetic product, try to invest as much you can in it, because, unlike a piece of garment that it is washed easily, cosmetics can damage your skin and negative effects can be very expensive and may have severe consequences in time.

Remember, you are the most important and the best investment is in your image and your education!


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