My name is Loredana Butnaru and I love clothes!

I kept thinking what to say about me and this is all that came in my mind. I love clothes, I love the feeling I have when I am wearing a coat. I love the fabrics, I like the colors and more than that I love the feeling I get from every outfit I wear, no matter if it’s a street style, smart or casual, cocktail or black tie. I love getting lost among shelves, to touch the clothes, to imagine how I could blend a piece of clothing and when I could wear it. I spend hours on the internet finding all kind of clothing sites because it relaxes me and gives me a good vibe. I like to give advices to my friends about wearing clothes in the most beautiful and original way, because a piece of cloth fits the best a person, only when it is worn with attitude and with confidence!

I could go on for hours boring you with stories about clothes…? but I’ll do it later.

I attended the Fashion Styling course at the University of Arts of London, the clothing advicer course at the Ilbah School of Bucharest and several fashion workshops. I just finished a short course of Fashion Blogger at the London College of Fashion, because I want to offer you the most interesting and beautiful information regarding fashion, in a profasional way. I read a lot about all the new trends, what to wear or what we must have in our wardrobes.

I invite you to read my Graceful Style blog and to discover me and yourself by reading my stories! I wish that I could help anyone out of ideas with tips about the clothes in their wardrobe or what to buy when they’re out for shopping. I want to help anyone who would like to make a change in their lifestyle and who desires to feel comfortable wearing their outfits.