Chocolate, relaxation for stressful times

Every time I get stressed, cranky or simply agitated, I badly crave for something sweet. I must admit that we’re very good friends I and chocolate, especially in the chilly time of the year.

If I think twice, it’s a kind of weakness, as I find a multitude of reasons to just have a bite of this passion ingredient: lack of affection (which, to be honest, is not my case), or my blood sugar is low, or I haven’t tasted a piece of chocolate for weeks (I’ve just made a raid on a Snickers last night :)) . Sometimes, on my way home, against my will, I just “stumble” over a sweet shop, and can’t resist temptation…and so on.

My luck is that Mother Nature has been good to me and has never let me down, putting on weight, as I am letting myself to the chocolate. So what can we do if, let’s say, we love chocolate, but our metabolism doesn’t really…? Just give it up? No way! We get frustrated and become even crankier!

We try the dark version! I personally like milk chocolate and anything that derives from it, but, surprisingly and inexplicably, during pregnancy, I was just able to eat sugar free, dark chocolate! And I was finding it so tasty…what do you know, ladies, my child loves milk chocolate, just like me now!

I read and hear about all kind of diets to loose weight, saying you’re not allowed to even taste anything that’s sugary, especially chocolate! You people, are you crazy or what??? If a woman is dieting and you take everything that’s tasty and good from her plate, do you really have the heart to have, at least once in a few days, a block of chocolate?? So that the sugar blood level doesn’t go low, should I say ?

There are though, nutritionists that say chocolate, especially the dark one, if eaten with caution, can keep the cardiovascular system healthy, can prevent cancer, regulate blood pressure and eliminate acute tiredness and stress. And the more black it is, hence containing more cocoa, the higher its nutrient value is.

Ladies, have a piece of chocolate whenever you feel to do so, nothing bad will happen, more than that, you’ll feel more relaxed and enjoy these small pleasures of life more. There are these small things that make us happy, as a tiny block of chocolate, a flower, even if it’s a tulip or a snowdrop, a beloved person’s smile, a kid’s giggle, a rainbow that comes up in our way, the blossoming flowers of trees…I get it, I need spring or a piece of chocolate…until spring comes 🙂 !



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  1. I’m so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.

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