Gifts, gifts and gifts…

I love to give presents to the ones I love! I really like the feeling that I get when I see the joyfull face of a person. It is a wonderful thing to know that someone was thinking about you and gave you a small present! On Christmas, perhaps this feeling is probably growing, because the streets and shopping centers are decorated with brightly colored lights and at home, the Christmas tree is full with dozens of balls, garlands and lights. Everything is full of magic and Santa Claus comes to life through us.

I always try, when I make a gift to a loved one, to think what she/ he would like to wear more often, with what she/ he would feel better, because when we make a gift is important to put ourselves in the shoes of the person to which we give that gift and try to take something perfect for her/ him, not for us! I have a lot of clothes, accessories, perfumes who are still in the box or with label on them, because they are not my type.

I searched outfits and accessories (you can find them online or similar models in shops and accessories at DArk Bijoux) for women and for men, to bring some freshness in the wardrobe of everyone, which are in trend and easy to get (the colors below are some of the colors recommended by some of the designers for the end of year) and that fits with Christmas celebrations.

Also very important is how we pack the gifts. Everywhere there are lots of papers and boxes for this. Always good marketing sells, we do not sell a product, but we want to make a loved one happy so the attention to details, in this case, it will be an ally. It doesn’t matter if we pick the wrong shoes number or we don’t match the color of a peignoir or the printed color of scarves, the gift presentation will almost do all the money, the rest will depend on the receipt of the product that is a must have!

If you have not managed to take all the presents till now, I want to wish you a lot of fun and good luck at shopping!

Gift ideas for her

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Gift ideas for him

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