Haute Couture fall winter 2017-2018

Paris had already begun a few days, the presentations of Haute Couture Collections Autumn / Winter 2017 of the most important fashion houses.
I make a small parenthesis to explain what does these Haute Couture collections mean. They are the most exclusive collections of clothes because the designers that make them work manually with the finest and most luxurious , unique materials on the size of customers. One such piece of clothing requires more processing time, hundreds of hours and costs as such and may exceed 100,000 euros. There are very few people in the world who order these clothes. Designers that have the right to make these Haute Couture collections must have at least fifteen employees, obligatory a branch in Paris and present their collections two times per year for the period spring-summer and autumn-winter. Each collection must include at least thirty-five unique designs for day and evening. All these standards and many more are imposed by the French cutting Federation, the institution that deals with the Haute Couture catwalks and of the Pret a Porter (the last one being inspired from Haute Couture collections for the general public because they are made in series with accessible materials and universal sizes) and by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris.
In general, my dear, what is happening now in Paris, these unique collections will dictate the trends for autumn – winter 2017-2018.
We will find them in all stores, large or small, expensive or cheaper, similar prints, cuts and colors similar to what we see now in Haute Couture collections.

Dior Haute Couture


Chanel Haute Couture


Ralph & Russo Haute Couture



This thing with fashion is like any other industry. No need to be born with a flair namely it is not necessary to feel it, but if you want to look good, to dress nice and your clothes to perfectly join your personality and lifestyle, then it is necessary to get informed. It is a must to know what to wear, how to wear and what are the forecasts for (not next season), but for next year! I do not recommend purchasing these luxurious clothes, let’s face it, I would not be able to give 50,000 euros on a dress, but you should be careful about trends removed from big fashion houses because all markets will follow them!
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I did not want to bore you with the whole Haute Couture presentation of Chanel and below i put a movie with its end.


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