The little black dress

Designed in 1926 by the famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel, the classic black dress known by all of us as * The Little Black Dress * reinventd the fashion of all time and gave, by using simple lines and lightweight materials, a new interest for the elegant dress. Vogue said in October 1926 that it will be the dress that will be worn by all women regardless of social class of which they belong.

The little black dress is perfect for any event. With a black dress we never fail, either we have a company party, a cocktail party or even a private event (wedding / christening). It can be accessorizeand with anything and it looks perfect for any type of outfit. Whether it has straight lines or in cloche, pleated or V, the little black dress is absolutely necessary in any woman’s wardrobe.
I like the black dress very much and I started to use it not only as a casual chic / elegant outfit, but also as a casual, comfortable look, which I wear easily in cold days, at the office, at the mall, at a coffee or at the restaurant with my friends. I sometimes accessorize it with boots without heels, another time with sport boots or Oxford shoes, I attach a messenger type bag, a backpack or large bag and get ready to have a nice day.

Beautiful young woman in an elegant black dress on a yellow background  Elegant beautiful young woman in retro style dress, hat standing over light grey background asos-black-lace-insert-swing-dress-product-3-15430391-627579391_large_flex ltb-dress


Did you know that….

Audrey Hepburn wore the black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie, created by Hubert de Givenchy and accessorized it with pearls and long black gloves, giving it a new elegance level. The dress was auctioned in 2006 and was bought for £ 410,000(four hundred and ten thousand dollars).




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