The perfect hair dye for HOME!

My grandmother had a word, on spring time the buds are counted and she even did that, because she had a lively yard. I, on spring time, count the discoveries I make for myself and my hair. If last days I messed up the date of an event and got to the location without anyone being there, spring asthenia I call it, now I have done something else! And I’m very proud of me!

Take a cup of coffee in your hands, stretch comfortably on an armchair and amuse yourself, with the rows below.

I have often complained that I have two left hands and I can not do my hair myself, make up or make my manicure, but it’s good to never say, NEVER!

Two days ago, a friend called to invite me to a party in town. The word party, sounds like something from a long time ago, when I frequently attented clubs and danced until my legs swelled. I ask her timorously, what party is it and she told me that some beautiful women are meeting at a cocktail party. So it was good, that it was not on night-time and I did not need home permission, to do networking (meaning contact exchange and socialization). For any woman, such a meeting is welcome, because it widens her knowledge circle and implicitly the business area. And obviously I accepted right away, the only problem was that this event took place in just a few hours ….

At such meetings I like to look perfect, so as soon as I closed the phone, I went to the dressing, to see what outfit can I choose, I did not have much time, and there were other things to do before the event. On my way to the wardrobe, I glanced at me, in the mirror of the hallway and stop. I looked at myself and started to approach, the image in front of me … something was not right, something was weird … I was getting close enough to realize that the root of my hair has grown, so much to bother me a lot, and even think that the first white hairs started to appear to me! White hair??? I can not, seriously, I’m blonde, it’s certainly an illusion, a confusion !!! … And staring at me, for a few seconds, I realized I had to dye my hair before the event.

But how to do that when I can not alone and my stylist is in Bucharest? I called my sister, who obviously laughed at me, as you probably do now, but you know that I have to face facts and I told myself that I had to solve, this small situation and that as soon as possible. I took my bag on my shoulder and left … not at the hairdresser, but at the store, to buy my hair dye. But what, I really can not do this alone? I had to prove myself, to break the barriers and to be able to do anything I have in mind!

The Schwarzkopf’s Pure Color hair dye caught my attention, because it was written largly on the box, that is for clumsy like me, “if your hair could choose, it would choose Pure Color.”

After reading on the box, that it has intense colors, it’s gel, so it does not flow, it does not stain the scalp and it contains natural ingredients (jojoba, aloe vera and cactus), it convinced me, so I looked for the hue of blond, 9.55 – golden blonde ,that is as close to my color and I grabbed 2 boxes from the shelf.

I ran quickly at home, to test the new hair dye and see what I can do with the incresed roots and the silver hairs.

At home was my little boy, the nanny, the cat, that I thought it was in the heat, because it mewed loudly, a man was making holes through a room … it was a chaos. I took my hair dye and got to the bathroom, locked the door behind me, the clock was already ticking.

I took a big breath, looked at the hair dye (if it had eyes, she would have looked at me, too, and she would certainly smile at me), and I started to prepare for the dying process.

I opened the box, it may seem strange, but I have not opened a box of hair dye, in the last few years, by myself and I started to read the prospectus inside. Things are very simple, I say in my mind, I have the hair dye in the box, the bleach, a moisturizer for the final hydration and a pair of disposable gloves, not to dirty my hands.

What can be so difficult?

I unpacked the Pure Color hair dye, put it in the bleach container and start shaking it, shake it baby, I hear me singing.😂

I used the brush through the hair to make it uniform and gave it the outline of a path, just how straight I could and I put my gloves in my hands and started the dying operation! I applyed it from the root until down, I changed the path and repeated where my hands reached … and at the back I called a friend, the nanny in this case, as she was still in the house 🙂and thanked her very much for help.

I set my timer to 30 minutes and run into the dressing to see what I could wear.

Time passes so fast when we’re busy, as it’s compressing, and those watchmakers are keeping running.

I quickly got into the bathroom, toke my moisturizer from the box and washed my hair. When I got out of the tub, I turned to the mirror and stared at the wet hair that has a beautiful, natural color!

I taked my brush and the hairdryer and started to dry my hair.

I can say that my hair is very healthy and silky and the color … I am in love with it and the white hairs I had seen earlier disappeared !!! Honestly, I felt in love with this hair dye, it was love at first glance and first application!

I strongly recommend it to you, Pure Color from Schwarzkopf, has become today, my favorite hair dye!

I dressed and run to the event. My hair looked impeccably and I felt fantastic! In addition, I was admired and went home with lots of contacts and a lot of useful information.

It was a beautiful evening, and I’m proud of discovering the Pure Color hair dye, having fun, applying it, and in a few hours I was ready for the event!

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