The white T-shirt

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The white t-shirt is that ordinary piece of clothing, at which we look very quickly on the shelves, we get it without trying it on and gets in the closet where we often used it as a pajama top.

The white t-shirt is an absolutely necessary part of every woman’s wardrobe. Why? Simply, because you can wear almost anything with it and you can accessorize it with anything!

I tried to imagine while I bought a white shirt, even if i didn’t need one where I could wear it … and suddenly in my mind came a lot of options. Did you read Sophie Kinsella? Well, I’m a big fan of her, because she writes a comic, relaxing, enjoyable fiction with many stories and stories of fashion. Sophie speaks often in her books about the main character as a crazy for shopping, that person who can not resist when she sees some shoes or a coat, no matter how much it costs … even if the bank is knocking at the door, because she has loans over loans (to be honest I often find myself in the character of Sophie Kinsella and I realize that it is like an incurable, very enjoyable and addictive disease, my dear :). I made a small bracket to make you understand how I am at shopping, enjoying the clothes, finding an infinite potential for each piece of clothing and at least ten situations and combinations of outfits.
Returning to our white t- shirt, about I told you above, it can be worn with jeans, a casual sport outfit, and also we can keep the jeans and t-shirt and add a jacket, turning it in a casual outfit. We can also wear the white t-shirts with skirts (mussels, short, long, casual or office), with high-waisted pants flared or tapered (like office type), at the office, in the city, at the gym … Basically anywhere!
I made a photo shoot for one of the themes of Fashion Styling Course, which I followed (pictures above) and I rediscovered the utility of the white t- shirt. It’s so comfortable, so easy to wear that sometimes it is all that comes in my mind. I know it is not good to have an uniform and any fashion stylist would say that it is best to use all wardrobe at full capacity … but we all know theory,  when we rediscover a piece of clothing, even the most stylists of stylists block themselfs at least a few times!
My dear, wear confidently the white t-shirt and accessorize it nice with a brooch or some necklaces and you will look chic wherever you choose to wear !



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