A delicious soup for lunch

There are people who like very much to cook and make some fantastic dishes that you lick your fingers. There are people sitting in front of the cookbook and using the recipe they make a delicious dish. There are also people who cook extraordinary without anything at hand, just a passion for food, in this category I’ll include my boyfriend because I do not know how he manages every time to throw, literally, something in a pan and make something brilliant. I think this category should be called *ALIEN*. And there are people who do not like to cook and when they grabb a pan they burn its content.

Before having my baby without any modesty, I was in the last category, I did not like it , I could not do it, I think the stars were to blame. For some time now I started, and probably because I need to cook increasingly more to make better and better… .and ironically, I enjoy doing this!

Going in a courtesy visit at a friend of mine, she gave me to eat soup with smoked meat. Initially, when she asked if I wanted, I thought it was disgusting beacuse of the smoked meat and the bacon. When she served me, by putting the plate in front of me and I tasted it, what to say … I could not stop and I would have asked for another bowl but I was a little embarrassed. I liked it so much that I asked for the recipe, because to be honest I got bored of the endless and fascinating chicken soup, the only that I know how to prepare .

Arriving home after a few days, I decided to try this delicious soup and see if I manage to do it. I think I was lucky, just as beginners in the sport, so it happened to me, because it was very good, everybody in the house ate… even I was amazed by myself .

I will give you below the recipe and believe my word that if I managed to do it , certainly anyone can , how easy it is to do as it is tasty.


Potatoes – one kilo

Carrots – two pieces

Celery – a half of celery

Onions – two red onions, (I used red onion because I did not have white onion )

Smoked meat – two hundred grames

Greek yogurt or sour cream – three huNdred grames

Eggs – 4 yolks

Olive oil

Cut the vegetables into cubes and boil in a large pot (potatoes, carrots and celery). Chop finely the onion with the smoked meat and after vegetables boil, in another pan, fry the onion in olive oil and then the smoked meat.

After the vegetables boil with the onions and the smoked meat, beat the four egg yolks with yogurt or sour cream until smooth. In order not to cut the soup, take with a ladle, some hot water from vegetables and slowly mix the eggs and yogurt / sour cream, until you get the same high temperature as the soup and add it in the container.

Sprinkle a little tarragon over and voila!

Bon appetite!



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