A very fancy haircut

The story begins like this: at seventeen years, after I put my parents to spend a lot with the phone bill and some behavior  of rebellious teenager, my father punished me and put me to cut my hair. I had a long, blond and beautiful hair, and I would not cut it if I had not been forced. I was going to ask the hairdresser to trim only the tips, but my father was with me to make sure that I do not cheat and within minutes my long hair fell to the floor, leaving in its place a haircut that  seemed  in vogue at that time, the  bob.



With the hair cut on the floor and with a new haircut, which I does not know much about and I had been forced to do it anyway, so I did not like it, I started in life. Slowly, I began to like it, I started to find myself in that style and I could not give it up for the next ten years. Yes, ten years! Many people asked me why did I wear this haircut so much, especially because I have not chosen it ?

For many reasons: firstly because it is a haircut that can be arranged very quickly. With a rotating brush in less than five minutes, my hair was styled so I quit the hairdressing salon. Also it looks very chic with bang too. It is washed quickly, easily and I tighten it in a small tail, in the summer, and in the winter it fited my face very well when I worn hats or caps.

At parties I arranged it as easily, alone at home, and I put various accessories (headbands, tiaras, clips) or I style it in curls and looks as well. Therefore it met all the conditions of a perfect haircut and I could not give it up for so long.

It seems that the fashion of those years, returned in force since last year. Same haircut, slightly longer, up to the shoulders, worn parted in the middle, was very popular among women worldwide. I chose below pictures with two friends, cut long bob, looking extremely sexy, having completly different hair colors. I often think back to my old love, the bob, but I will hold on a little time for the sunny days to come.


Blond Hair



Black Hair


The visit to the hairdressing salon, for dyeing and trimming, makes me  positive, I feel more beautiful, more powerful, it gives me a good feeling, even if I do not make major changes in terms of color or haircut, for the simple reason that I give my hair a fresh air, I feel great!

I recommend you to find a good stylist and whenever you need a new change  call him, he can do miracles! My stylist, for many years, is Georgiana from Stagio Hairstyle. She is my friend, psychologist and stylist, we understand from looks and without exception, every time I come out of her salon I feel more beautiful and stronger! (All haircuts and colors, except the last, with dark hair, are made by her).


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