To the ski, with all this snow

Have you heard of the sport ‘throwing eyes’? Well, I practiced this sport all my life. It is extremely demanding, because I use a lot, the eyes, head and neck, imagine a little how a person that makes this performance sport looks like .

For several years now, I decided to leave aside this sport and start, like a normal person that  I am, a true one. Said and done!
It was winter, cold and snow … about as is now outside. We decided to go on a long weekend at Poiana Brasov. I bought a ski suit and all necessary accessories (hat, gloves, socks and glasses) because I had big thoughts. To understand exactly what I had with sport back then (now I am not very far from then) in my wardrobe there were no shoes, track suits, winter jackets, hats, I only had heels, dresses, suits, coats, whatever was feminine. With the gym I never understood well. I had a few attempts, but all failed. Most of all I love to go shopping, make my outfit for the gym or for the sport that I thought I was going to do and deposit it in the closet. Instead of the gym, because I had to tone the muscles somehow, I did many years cellulite massages and wraps, for convenient people, like me, are very good and are working.
Returning to our weekend in the mountains, we got in the car and went to Poiana Brasov, a good place where you can learn this sport.
My first contact with the mountain on skis was slightly traumatic, because I went to the top of the mountain, alone and trying to show off, how often I do, I put my skis on, without having an idea how to do this. I never imagined it could be so difficult and so slippery. Therefore I descended all the path, walking, with the skies after me… crying because of nerves and promising me that I will not ever make the imprudence to climb on them!
The next morning, convinced by my boyfriend, I took a ski instructor … what can I say, it was something else! Moreover, I began to like it so much that I took every day an extended session with the instructor.

The next day, I was already with him on the top of the mountain and defend him! That mountain, two days ago had rejected me, now was won, without any falls, with no tears, was mine!
I didn’t experienced a sensation like that until then, I had a lot of work (and I still have) but I think it is wonderful to fly in the snow, becoming more and more confident in me. This sport has proved to be extremely pleasant and since then I practice every year, everytime I had the chance . I don’t do performance, at first descents my knees are still shaking, but I overcame fear and I ski for pleasure.
I recommend if you have not tried before,to go to the mountain, take your instructor (it is a must!) and fly on white snow. Do not forget to take a ski suit, now they are everywhere starting with Decathlon, are at reasonable prices and in a variety of colors and designs.




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