A perfect trinket and its history

Soon, the trinket’s time comes and with it, calendaristically, spring begins with her beautiful little snowdrops.

I was asking myself in the last days from where does this celebration comes from, when it came out and what it means. There are many stories, tales and even archaeological discoveries that have the trinket in foreground.

One of them is an archaeological discovery, in the Drobeta Turnu Severin area, which indicates the presence of the trinkets as amulets, made of pebbles, painted with white and red, worn at the neck, with an approximate age of 8000 years.

A story told by folklorist Simion Florea Marian assumes that in Moldova and Bucovina the trinket was composed of a golden or silver coin, caught with a white-redish string, and was worn by the children around the neck. The teenage girls also worn a trinket at the neck in the first 12 days of March, and then they tie it in the hair and keep it until the trees break into blossom. At that time, the girls removed their trinket and hung it in a tree. These “rituals” has the purpose of having a productive year.

Nowadays the traditions have remained almost the same, but we have replaced that trinket with various accessories which we bind together with the string. (in fact, the trinket’s symbol is the even the string, that we keep binding, when it falls from your hand, to a tree’s branch).

From brooches, bracelets, pendants to earrings or scarves, trinket’s celebration is an opportunity to make gifts to dear women in our lives and to expect spring and the return of nature to life. This year’s winter avoided us and we are in the beginning of spring for a month … at least.

In the mad chase after the trinket, I took a little break, at a cup of coffee and I thought about sharing with you some unique gift ideas.

Trinkets, thank God, we can find everywhere. There are trade shows in all the malls, in the markets, on the street. Most stores have made special districts for March 1, with all sorts of trinkets. How do we choose the special ones and where do we get them?

I avoid taking trinkets from the mall or from the March 1 trade shows, because I do not want to receive the same trinket that I have given. Apart from this, I like to be different when offering a gift, to be unique! And how can I be unique than offering handmade, customized gifts?

My friend, Anca, from Darc Bijoux, is a jeweler designer. She makes them with much love and with her enchanted hands, manages to create every time, absolutely special things!

And I’m not saying this just because she’s my friend. I visited her a few days ago and made my supplies, for my gifts. I can not tell you what I bought, because I’m spoiling the surprise for my friends, but I can show you some of her creations.

I recommend you, on March 1, to gave trinkets from the heart for the dear women of your life with the smile on your face. It is ultimately a gift that marks the beginning of spring and especially your friendship!


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