Are skinny jeans OUT of trend in 2018?

For years, I do not even know when the madness started, I wore skinny jeans. In different colors, some more stretch than the others, these jeans were like an uniform for most of us. Even the boys (sorry but I can not call them men) have adopted this fashion trend and started to wear skinny jeans as much as us.

I have to admit that I was their follower too. I had and still have a lot of skinny jeans pairs in my wardrobe and I wore them everywhere: at work, at cafes, in the park, at the mall or even in the club! Pure madness, I would say now, but then was all I could see, I felt good in them and it did not matter that I had an uniform. I always matched them with different pairs of shoes, tops, so at least in my mind, I always looked different!

I found out a few years ago, that I do not feel good in tight clothes, they tighten me, makes me feel uncomfortable, annoy me. I want to move freely, I want to let my skin breathe but at the same time feel good in my own skin. I do not know if you feel the same as me, but something is clear, because for about two years now, designers have started, easy but surely, to give up this trousers model.

But a question still grinds me. Why does a product so bought, globally, disappear from the market? Donna Wallace, editor of Elle magazine, says, “As soon as they started bastardising the denim and putting in too much stretch, it became trashy “. She may be right if I start thinking. I will make a material about the history of the jeans and there we will see what a pair of jeans is, what quality was the fabric and how they were made. Indeed, we can take a pair of skinny jeans at about 12 euros almost anywhere, or at this price we think 90% are leggings … so where are the jeans?!

Besides the cheaper materials used for jeans in the last years, we should also bring into discussion the silhouettes that can wear this type of trousers. Leggings, as at the base are leggings, are meant to be worn by thin or fatty  people, as long as they have a top or a dress on top to cover the hips!

Our perception of what looks cool has shifted, from district stores to quality brand products, we buy more jeans than ever at very low prices. Big online stores such as Net-a-Porter or ASOS have announced high sales of jeans in recent years and honestly these sales will not drop even if we change the style of the jeans a bit.

We will see more and more often in stores, commercials, on the catwalk and implicitly on the street, models of boyfriend, girlfriend, mom fit or customized jeans.

What do we do with the skinny jeans we have in the wardrobe? We reinvent them. We cut off them at the hems, crop, customize, or simply wear them rarely. Now between us, it’s hard to quit a thing that has been with us for so long and that has brought us out of so many situations, is not it ?!


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