Did you take your 15 minutes today?

I know, you wonder what I meant by the title of this material ?! Well, there are many women among us who, by lack of time (they say), forget to give those 15 minutes a day for their soul! They are very busy with children, have a busy life at work, or just do not look in the mirror. I heard a lot of times, that they do not need to freshen up because their partners like them as they are, it does not matter that they have a few strands of white hair. It’s ok to wear what they find at hand in the wardrobe and run to work, they did not do the manicure and why would they start from today ?! And many, many other EXCUSES like this!

My dears, I will tell you my honest opinion about these women, which I appreciate very much for everything they do, but with this material I hope they will appreciate themselves and start doing something for them!

Every woman needs to feel good in her own skin! With this syntax I had to start the material.

Any trick we use, in terms of a haircut, a lipstick or a manicure, is for us and for our soul. It’s for that moment when we look in the mirror and like what we see. The partner is just the beneficiary of that image, with which we feel good!

So, let’s do an exercise. We imagine that ideal mother and wonderful wife, who wakes up at 6 in the morning, prepares breakfast for the whole family, wakes the children, washes and dresses them and puts them at the table. At the same time, she get the coffee from the stove and prepares it for her husband, who is lost somewhere in the bathroom. She gets ready the children’s  bags for school or kindergarten, clears the table, puts on a coat or jacket, anything at hand and runs with the little ones not to be late at school, or even at work!

That’s a marathon! I’m tired of writing the lines above, but they, dear ones!

Okay, now pause and reread my material! How do you feel?

I would give you a medal, no statues are done …

Returning to our subject: your time, YOU!

In any scenario, you will have the same time schedule, the same daily routine, but why not feel well in your skin after leaving kids at school too, to take a look in the mirror in your car’s rearview mirror and enjoy what you see ?!

From my point of view (and I am mother) things are simple: you need 15 minutes in the morning for you! When you use the hair brush or do a ponnytail (hair loop, according to your preference), put a foundation for your skin, mascara and blush ( that takes between 5 and 7 minutes) and put on a nice dress, with flowers or colored (depending on what you have in the wardrobe). A scent of perfume and you’re ready to start the marathon. And believe me, when you give a cup of coffee to your husband, he will notice these little tricks and will surely enjoy that!

And if you do not have time at home, after leaving your kids at school, keep the lipstick in your bag and use it !!!

I challenge you tomorrow to take these 15 minutes for you and write to me how you felt!




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