How we give value to cheap clothes?

Throwing money out of the window on clothes is not a good thing, especially for a woman who does not daydream of collections and designers!

Although I am a shopaholic, I do not recommend you to do the same, but I would like to talk a little about the clothes we choose, even if we have a small budget for them. How we buy them, so that they do not look cheap, because we can wear a dress that costs 20 euros , a top that costs 10 euros or a pair of jeans of 14 euros, as long as we know how to choose them wisely.

After all, by attitude and selfconfidence, we give value to the clothes we wear.

There are, however, a few rules that we must RESPECT, in order to obtain a good looking overview outfit.

  1. The watch is a very important accessory. Buy it ONLY from a watch company. Even if the budget for this accessory is low, there are watch brands such as Swatch or Tissot, from which you can take a nice watch with a few hundred romanian leus.
  2. Buy a leather bag for daily wear! It does not have to be a brand, so it will increase its value exaggerately, as long as it is qualitative.
  3. Shoes are the third accessory that make the difference between an outfit that looks cheap and an appropriate one …. Buy a pair of black leather stiletto shoes, and some round, nude, with a decent heel from discounts and it will save you in any situation. There are exceptions here, however, for shoes made of different materials (textiles, sequins, jeans and so on), which give a slightly bohemian or glamorous appearance.

Apart from these 3 very important rules, there are several other aspects regarding the garments you wear:

– avoid buying thin velvet dresses (cheap), they look ugly! I recommend corduroy or a fine or thicker velvet.

– avoid taking satin dresses, if they are too shiny or have poorly made stitches!

– do not take leather imitation jackets! Try at least the qualitative ecological skin! There are some imitation leather jackets that look like a wax cloth.

– everywhere in stores, you find a lot of accessories. I adore them! Try, however, to sort out those that are too silver or golden, that kind of endless strings of wires that once wore, begin to turn green or red.

– buy polarized sunglasses, avoid sunglasses with great writing like a brand name … copied by a designer. (I strongly recommend Polaroid glasses or even Avanglion glasses, they have very good prices and are qualitative).

– use perfume on day time, just leave a trace of smell behind you. The strong and intense perfume can be used ONLY in the evening!

The best example is ourselves, so for the above photo I wore cheap, but effective garments (taken from discounts).

– Zara boots (textile) – 6 euro

– Stradivarius sweater – 18 euro

And at the end of the material, do not look at anyone with a swagger, we are all beautiful and special! I felt it was neccesary to write this because I was put in this situation by going to different places … and honestly I do not understand why some people behave like that … well, actually I know! Education is to blame!


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