12 pieces of garment that are NEVER out of trend!

Each of us has its own style. There are women who like casual style, women who feel better more sporty, or women who can not get out of the house unless they take their heels. We are all so different but still so similar for the simple reason that we want to be happy and feel good with ourselves!

I made a lot of articles about what to wear in every season, what recommendations I have for different outfits. I do not stop here, I will continue to write about fashion until … I will get bored … and I do not think that this will ever happen because I’m in love with clothes!?

The last article was about what will be in trend next season, now I’d like to tell you a little about those pieces of garment that never get out of trend in time!

There are women who are not fashion enthusiasts and do not want to always be in the trend and throw money out of the window every season, on a fancy pair of shoes or an eccentric purse. Despite this they want to be beautiful and feel good in their own skin!

If you are among them you will surely like this material. No matter what a designer dreams of overnight, there are some garment items that you need to have in the wardrobe, no matter what style you have, especially if you are not a convinced fashionista and even more if you are passionate about the subject!

  1. Coat

Whether it’s a camber or straight coat, or a trench, this piece of garment is a must have in your wardrobe, whether you’re casual, rock or trashy.

  1. Stiletto shoes

There are women who do not wear heels because they are sporty, but even they have moments when a pair of heels is necessary.

  1. Little black dress

With such a short or midi dress you will be successful every time, regardless of event or your style.

  1. Flared trousers

Even if your silhouette is not a 90-60-90, because a woman’s beauty is not defined in this way, this type of pants will keep small imperfections away and stretch your legs, making them thinner.

  1. Leather jacket

A leather jacket, not imitation or ecological leather, can be worn anywhere and you can accessorize it with anything and it is also a long-term investment, because it is hardly damaged over time and never out of trend!

  1. Red lipstick

Someone told me she does not like red lipstick, that color does not fit her. I think any woman is wonderful with red lipstick, as long as the right shade is chosen! Red lipstick can be worn anywhere and will save you when your make up consists of only mascara and blush.

  1. Denim

Definitely each of us, has at least one pair of jeans in the wardrobe. They will never disappear, maybe only their models will change. Jeans are that piece of garment that, besides parties, can be worn anywhere, no matter what style you have.

  1. Pencil skirt

Recommended midi, this high waisted or normal pencil skirt is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe.

  1. Sports shoes – converse shoes

Even if you are a casual or classic style person, surely when you go on a holiday or a walk in the park, you do not take your heels! Sneakers are excellent for relaxing moments.

  1. White t-shirt

I wore the white shirt with lace skirts, sequin pants and I felt really good. You can wear it at almost anything and you will rock!

  1. Clutch

When you have an event, a clutch is a must have. I recommend that you do not miss the black, simple clutch,  so you can easily match it with any outfit.

  1. Full body swimsuit

The first swimsuits were in one piece. From 1923 until today, whether it was madness of swimsuits with thongs, or just slips, the full body swimsuits were never missing from the store shelves (you can see the material about the history of the swimwear here).

Do you have these pieces of garment in your wardrobe?




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