Top 10 Spring-Summer Trends of 2018

Even if we are on winter time, calendaristically, I can not help myself thinking about what will be in trend in the next season. And I am asking this question now, at the beginning of the year, because I am a great consumer of everything that means discounts and outlets. So I have to do my homework well to know what to buy from discounts and to be in trend, in the next season.

Fashion does not disappear overnight and there are very few trends that vanish from one season to another, usually those pieces of garment or accessories that have only been designed to amaze and attract attention. Here please note the fluffy slippers, which had only a season of life and thanks God they returned, where it was their place, in THE HOUSE!!!?

I searched for 10 trends for the spring-summer season, I admired them for a long time, and I made my shopping plan. Because I am not selfish, I wrote them on the virtual paper to share my thoughts with you:

1. Pastels

Ohhh my adorable pastels. They are so fine, so soothing to the eye that you must have at least one pastel  dress (of your choice in pink, lilac, duck egg, blue or yellow)

2. Ruffles

In the following season, the ruffles will be in great demand and will be worn in various ways. All you have to do is use them to amplify, give volume to that part of the body that you need and you will look fabulous.

3. Cinderella Shoes

A few years ago, I was dreaming of some stoned shoes and some sequins sandals and I never imagined that my dream will materialize and become reality. Over the past two years, designers have slowly and timorously started to apply all kinds of rhinestones and shoe shining materials. I really enjoyed seeing this, after all, the shoes are like a jewel for us. The next season shining shoes are more fashionable than ever, such as those of Cinderella, with the endorsement that you do not need to lose any of them, the prince will be enchanted even by their shine.

4. Strong colors

I am in love with red, and in the spring we will be delighed by a lot of red, blue, green, purple and yellow in the strongest and feminest shades.

5. Fringes

Inspired by the carnival stories of Brazil and beyond, these fringes have been brought back to life by Bottega Veneta and Lowe, thus receiving a sophisticated and magical air. We had some fringes in the last season, but we will delight ourselves with a lot of outfits with spectacular fringes in the following spring.

6. Transparency

Most famous designers presented at least one transparent garment item in their collections. They proposed them as they are, on the podium they looked magnificent, in everyday life (even if we are talking about ready to wear collections) I recommend them in combination with other garments, so that we do not expose the skin, maybe the leather of a pair of trousers.

7. Sequins

Brilliance, extravagance and femininity, that is what sequins mean to me, with one condition: to be worn in the evening !!!

8. Plastic is tremendous

Honestly I have chosen this trend because I am totally in agreement with its presence in a woman’s wardrobe, ONLY if it’s a raincoat … the rest is CAN CAN.

9. Plaids

Since last fall we had a plaid invasion and I’m convinced you bought at least one pair of trousers or a plaid jacket. Now I encourage you to go shopping and buy a coat, a dress or a skirt, this time with a great discount and in the spring will be MUST HAVE piece.

10. Strips

Not to bore us, because they have been in the trend for a while, the next season, the stripes have been reinvented and are still good-looking. Wider, from various materials, cuts and prints, they give an fancy air to any outfit.

I’ll let you inspire from the new collections, I’m already on my way to the shops!


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