Ideas for leisure activities

Another year has passed … a beautiful, full year, from which I learned a lot of things, in which I made many friends and I climbed another stair on the scale of knowledge. I have ticked courses, workshops, books and many thoughts, wrote here, for my soul and for you! I met a lot of beautiful people, I visited places full of history and magic and I enjoyed my wonderful family every day!

At every beginning of the year, I make a list of my wishes and plans I have for the next period.

I want to write a book, this is my burning desire that flashes in me like a light that is seen at the end of the tunnel. I still do not feel ready to do this, it is not the time and I still have many things to learn, but someday I will make this step … this was my little secret that I wanted to share with you. Every time I write here, I do it with all my heart, right now I’m surprised by myself, smiling … and smiling again.

It’s so beautiful to have hobbies, have passions to relax and make us smile! My blog is my passion for writing and clothes, I am in love with words and accessories, materials, their smell and everything that surrounds a woman.

I love to be a woman and if God would let me choose what I want to be in the next life, I would like to be a woman again.

Now, we all need, aside from work and family to keep a few hours for our souls. Whether we are reading a book, looking at a show or simply walk in the park, letting our thoughts fly through the branches of the naked trees, that are waiting for their white winter clothes, we need our time!

I want to tell you that I relax a lot when I walk through the stores or when I read a book, it helps me disconnect myself from everyday problems and gives me a new breath.

Still, I need to learn more and meet new people. How can I do this? Going to various courses, seminars and workshops in the field that interests me.

In recent years, these extracurricular activities have begun to grow more and more, to be searched for and organized in all major cities.

I will give you a top of 4 such schools in Bucharest, where you can learn about everything from acting classes, fashion design, painting, dances, good manners, public speaking, photo classes, perfumes and hats, to accountancy classes, HR, PR, trainer and many other specializations, accredited by the Ministry of Labor. So, you can relax, by finding a hobby and slowly turn it into your dream job.

1.ILBAH workshops

2.Dalles GO

3.The way of victory Fundation


All the above-mentioned schools have after work or weekend time scheldure, so anyone can do a course, in their free time. I did the course of fashion styling at Ilbah Workshops and I put on the  list, this year a series of other courses to help me in my personal development.

What have you proposed for yourself and your soul this year?


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