Perfect makeup for New Year!


What are you doing on the New Year’s day? I set up a party with my close friends and family, a sunset party, as we say in Dobrogea, in which we will tell a lot, eat goodies prepared by mothers and we will listen to good music.

When I was during my tweenties, young and restless, New Year’s Eve party was set at least three months before, the smallest details – location (club for sure), dress, accessories, hair, make-up, even the perfume that I was going to use was on my list, everything was carefully organized. Strange is that in the last 3-4 years this subject has not been my priority and I have let myself go. Last year, for example, I had no idea what I would do in the night between the years. Two days before that I received the invitation of some friends to go to a restaurant, that kind of party where we had an extravagant menu, with refined drinks, although I am not an expert, and with a band that delighted our ears. About dancing … I should have made friends with the fine drinks that I mentioned earlier.

But let’s return to the subject, otherwise I could remain on the introduction for a long time.

Let’s suppose now I have an uncertain idea of where I would be spending the passing between the years ….How will be my makeup?

I really like red lipstick! I adore it, I think I could even eat it on bread,? but I will remain on putting it on the lips. I would definitely use it with a nice bushy pair of false eyelashes and some smokey eyes.

For smokey eyes makeup I asked Irina Vatamaru, my favorite makeup artist in Constanta and I noticed some tips about how you can make it easy.

Start with your eyes first and then the rest of your face, to avoid dropping the dark eye shadow on your cheekbones. It will look like a dirt or you will create dark circles.

After you apply a transfer-resistant makeup base on your entire eyelid, you can start eye makeup:

  1. Apply 3/4 of the length of the mobile eyelid,in our case black, but smokey makeup can be made in any color, so feel free to experiment
  2. With a clean brush, we will switch between black and the rest of the eyelid for a harmonious gradient
  3. In the inner corner and in the arcade, apply an enlightener, in our case one with very small glitter particles, but you can also choose one with bigger glitter particles (only for the inner corner), considering the event you attend
  4. Apply the line of eyeliner over the entire length of the upper eyelid, to the base of the eyelashes, to give intensity to the makeup
  5. Make up the lower eyelid too, with the same color gradient as the upper eyelid
  6. Apply false eyelashes, preferably from natural hair, for a more intense look
  7. Do not forget to shape your eyebrows, being the “frame” of your eye, opting for a natural color as close as possible to the color of your natural hair.
    Once you have finished making your eyes, you can start making your complexion. Apply a transfer-resistant base, foundation , highlighting the cheeks, apply the powder and the blush, and finally a transfer-resistant lipstick.

I’m sure that by following these steps you will be able to make your own makeup and look spectacularly on New Year’s Eve !!












I was taught at self makeup course (I recommend to do one) that the most important thing at day / night make-up, is its base, namely how we apply foundation, how we fade dark circles, how we shape the brows and how we highlight the cheekbones. On the day that I decided to do this course I thought that I have a bit of technique in the makeup, that I kinda know everything and I go there to socialize and make new friends … but I was surprised when I found (and remains between us) that I had no idea how to keep the cheekbones brush in hand, that I shouldn’t apply foundation with my hands, that for me, the eyes brows didn’t matter…..but now I learned how to do these things alone and theoretically I can do my makeup really nice, the problem is, that I have no time … so, shame on me that I praised myself for nothing ! I will definetly ask Irina for help.?

Have a fantastic party and shine on the night between the years!



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