Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year when the whole family sits down to have dinner together, talks, laughs a lot, eats more, ?sings carols and opens presents around the tree. It is a warm environment, completed with the finest dishes of the year and with the best memories.

Usually after a long day of preparation, cleaning the house and arranging the meals, I feel like a granny, tired after so much effort and all I want (just before the guests arrive) is to get to bed and to sleep at least twelve hours… but it is just a little selfish dream that I easily remove from my mind with a warm shower.

You realize that I no longer have any mood to makeup and to put on my pretty dress that I bought specifically for this moment and over all, smile nicely when my kid spills something on the tablecloth or when the cat goes to the litter and spreads all the sand everywhere … because I did not realize how quickly it has grown to get a bigger litter. I take a big breath, watch the clock and realize that the guests must arrive in fifteen minutes. I start to get nervous! I calm myself! I put on quickly the black lace dress and also some stockings because it’s cold outside ,than I run, feeling dizzy, to the bathroom to makeup.

I learned that a decent makeup can be done within seven minutes, my dears, I have made this one in five minutes! I did it! ? I set a new record. I look in the mirror, I pass my hand through my hair (thankfull that one night before i manage to wash and straighten it), then I put my feet into a pair of black stiletto shoes, despite the fact that I will prepare the Christmas table when the guests will come, but I have to look amazing! And the door’s bell rings.?

Merry Christmas!

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