Autumn and its grey coat

The beautiful autumn that caresses our senses in warm colors, arrived as a countess, leaving behind a smell of grape scent. She knocked at my door and I opened. She walked slightly shy, with her enticing smile, asking me to help. Strange favor, I’m telling myself. I let her sit on the mustard armchair, from the bright room, and listen. With a slightly trembling voice, she tells me that she needs a change in all this madness of trends.

I look at her, at the white and bright face, at her coppery hair, which falls on her shoulders. I will try to sketch a few outfits to start with, on the road covered with leaves to keep her body warm in the months that will follow.

A stylish gray coat would be perfect for cold days, for long walks through parks, where the leaves will be laid on the ground in warm yellow and greyish shades. A large scarf to cover her neck from the cool wind and a red cloak to be at hand, when little raindrops will fall from the gray clouds, dancing, happy and free. I would give her a pair of plaid high waisted pants and a ruffles shirt that would suit her well, on her romantic/bohemian style. I close my eyes and visualize her dancing with her cloak and wet hair in the cold rain, happy with all this wonderful scenery.In her feet she will have a pair of red leather boots with heels, how else? It is the beautiful and feminine, sensual and bohemian autumn that smiles among the uneven branches of trees, whispering lyrics with falling leaves, with travelling birds and enchanting scents.

She likes the outfit proposed by me, gets up from the comfortable armchair, takes her hand through the hair and smiles at me. She puts on her red boots and gray coat, opens the door and leaves … And the wind starts to blow slowly and the leaves fall. But she’s ready to take her role as a countess dressed as she wished from

Article written for contest # SuperBlog2017


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