How to wear an all-red outfit

Red is a strong color that emanates energy and confidence, shows a state of joy and a strong character. If you ask yourself why I decided to write about this color and more than that, why i wear it so much, above you have the answer?. Without realizing it, there are colors that have some vibrations on us and load us in a certain way.

For me, red is a sensual color, full of positive energy. I always liked it and I wore it as I knew better.

For example, my manicure is almost everytime red, I got my manicurist bored with this habit. The lipstick is in most cases red and I have an obsession for women who wear red lipstick. So I forced my colleagues from the office to wear red lipstick only – apologies my girls, but you are so beautiful with it and the list can continue …?

For several months now it’s been announced through fashion shows and speciality magazines that this season all red outfits are in trend. Wow, I told myself !! They seem to have read my thoughts, they felt my weakness!

Well, I had a lot of red pieces of garment in the wardrobe, but obviously I went shopping to complete my collection.

Now, if you wear red and want an all red outfit you have to pay attention to the following details to have an impeccable look:

  1. All red outfit is recommended for blondes (brown-haired and everything that derives) with light skin;
  2. Search garment pieces made from different materials, so it will be easier to match them, it will not visually disturb the shade difference between them;
  3. If you choose a short dress and high boots, sock type, do not put black, net or other color tights, except for the red ones;
  4. Wear red manicure and red lipstick;
  5. The bag should not be the same shade of red as the shoes;
  6. Search for a pair of red earrings or a scarf to complete the outfit;
  7. Look in the mirror and admire how beautiful you are, and then go out in the city! You will rock!?

I chose the all red outfit for the Webstock 2017 event at which I attended a few weeks ago and believe me that I felt great! I had a well-being mood, self confidence and all these were rewarded with many appreciations and photos?.

I catched up with my sister, my muse, at a tea after the event, surprisingly, she was dressed in red too. See how two women can look so different in some sort of similar colors. In the end we wear the clothes, donʹt we?

And for the picture to be complete, I took my husband, my photographer, on the streets of the Old Center of Constanta, to catch some good frames, with another all red outfit .

The dresses used in both outfits are from Zara, Mango and H & M.

Which inspires more?



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