Back to the office – part 1

There are women who want a family and they have one at twenty years old. They focus on it, they are mothers and wives, and the professional part takes over exclusively by men. It’s a great thing to be a young mother and have a beautiful family, but the personal development is a bit left behind, and the office outfit is non-existent (this is my subject today). But there are women who focus their attention on the professional side, who want to have a career and work hard to get it, and the family is left behind after reaching this goal.

I am among the career women who want to prove that women can and work hard for this. Even during the faculty, I wanted to be somewhat financially independent, and I got jobs, which at least to secure my nights out with friends in the city. Slowly, slowly working very much and learning, I succed in getting the job I dreamt of and I was paid properly. Women like this, in order to succed in the men’s world, need attitude and pieces of garment in which to feel comfortable but at the same time strong. This year, one of the trends in vogue is the office style. How great, I said, when I saw the collections on the podium, a few months ago! For me this style is perfect, it fits me like a glove! I have been wearing it since I was twenty years old and my wardrobe has a lot of this kind of outfits with the appropriate accessories.

I could wear office and smart casual outfits daily, accessorized with some heels or pearls, can be extremely feminine.

Last week, I made a photo shoot, with a few offices outfits and in today’s material I recommend you one of them (randomly chosen). We are well aware that an office outfit shouldn’t be too short or too tight, with either 15 cm platforms or a lot of accessories. An impeccable office outfit should be simple, clean, elegant and comfortable.For today’s outfit I chose a pair of black moccasins ,lacquered with pearls, a long jacket, arched with lightweight ruffles at the sleeves and a few pearls at the top to be in the same story with the moccasins. I chose plaid gray pants, a must have of the season, a white shirt with a small black bow on the collar and a big bag to fit the gadgets I need every day.

If you ask yourself where I got the clothes from my photo shoot, well, I started with Zara (and there I got the moccasins, pants and jacket). The shirt is from a Mohito collection from two years ago and the bag was bought from some time ago.



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