Delta’s paradox

How beautiful it is when summer is extended and in September it is still possible to sunbathe. I just came back from a short holiday in the Danube Delta just in time, because as we all can see, the weather has cooled.

In the last years, this beautiful area has developed a lot, and in all sightseeing locations, more and more beautiful resorts have appeared, larger, with aquatic parks, private pontoons, from which we can fish. We found in Murighiol a very nice resort, Peninsula Resort, with a large water park and spacious and beautifully decorated rooms. Everything would have been perfect if the fish ordered at lunch on the first day hadn’t been frozen for a very long time … strange, not? We had such a craving fora fresh borsch of fish, an authentic fish with tomatoes and onions recipe , but what to see, no one could cooked it! So with a broken heart that we didn’t eat a good fish we took by foot all the restaurants in the area, or at least those indicated by tripadvisor. And to be honest, we didn’t find a fresh and good fish anywhere (at a restaurant). It’s true that we were a big group and that was one of the reasons why the smaller restaurants couldn’t get us, the lack of space. We asked everywhere and found that if we want to go to the Delta and feel like in the Delta, it is preferable to stay at a guest house and eat that borsch prepared by the hosts, in a pot, outside .But leaving aside the fish that we didn’t have, we caught perfect beach days, boat trips in the extremely warm but very low waters of the Delta, crucian fishing and much peace. After all, this is what a holiday is about, relaxing, and recharging our batteries, isn’t it?

The area is gorgeous, I will definitely come back but now I know where to park. 🙂


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