What accessories you can wear at work?

Many of us spend a lot of time at work. The job is an important part from both professionally and financially points of view and in terms of interacting with a lot of people from different backgrounds and fields. People form 90 percent of their lasting impressions in the first seconds of meeting the person.

There is a difference between going to work and going out to a restaurant or for a walk, mainly because we meet new people with whom we have business relationships.

Many times I thought that I am playing multiple roles: the role of business woman, the role of wife, mother and my role, but in fact these aren’t roles, are parts of me that I use when I need them. As an example, you will never wear ripped jeans with stiletto shoes in the office. Not even on a Friday when, guildsmen who, although invented the classical office outfit, got sick of wearing it for a while and wanting to get rid of this uniform, they made up a “one day to take the jeans out from the closet”. Do not misunderstand, casual Friday, means a slight relaxation of the office outfit with a classic pair of jeans, a pair of oxford shoes, shirt and a jacket (slightly to the Italian style).

I have often seen ladies dressed at the office like going shopping or at a coffee with friends.

There are jobs that allow casual outfits, especially creative or those that do not take contact with customers, and in these cases we can wear loose clothing, jeans, shirts, sweaters with buttons, boots without heels, but not in any case tights, sneakers or blouses with logos or messages brands!

What accessories can we wear at work? Below is a list of my must have accessories to look professional yet chic!


  1. The watch

A watch is a must at an office outfit. Try to put on a simple bracelet watch, a black or brown leather strap one, without rhinestones or brightly colored.



          2. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses in black, warm or nude brown tones is a good choice for the office outfit.


                3.The belt

Even if it is used at suits, jeans, pants or on the waist at a pencil dress, the belt must be smooth and thin, to get unnoticed. Its role is to support pants or highlight waist. You can not use branded belts with bows, glitter or bright colors!


         4. The shoes


I once interviewed a young lady for a position in the department that I was leading. She came to the interview wearing a pair of sandals with straps, baring her whole foot. Unfortunately I was not able to pay attention to anything she said, because I was always looking at her pedicure which wasn’t made and was disgraceful , so in less than five minutes I ended the interview! I will write an article with tips about dressing for a job interview so you can be successful.

Shoes at the office, must be whole, even on a very hot summer time, we will not wear sandals! A pair of ballet flats or heeled shoes are the perfect choice!


             5. A ring

People who loves accessories, like me, have to leave them home and at work, only take the wedding ring where is necessary and another small one.

        6. Earrings or a necklace

Long earrings or any large pair of earrings has no place in the office, maybe at a party organized by the company. Instead, round screw earrings or the little ones will be the right choice and will make you look classy. If you do not wear earrings, then a fine pearl necklace or a chain thin pendant will be another good choice for work.


          7. A small brooch il you put only the earrings

If you are not fans of necklaces, but you have a black or white shirt or want to give it a bit of color, I recommend you to wear a small brooch at the collar or at the last above button and you will completely change the outfit.

           8. The scarf

Even if you tighten it on the neck inside a shirt, or place it on the collar, tied like a tie or simply thrown over the coat, the scarf is the perfect accessory for the office. Gives color and life to the outfit so you do not need any brooches or necklaces.


At work, even if you’re in an office or outdoors you have to try and dress beautifully, in simple lines and warm colours, no prints, no logos, no glitter and don’t wear skirts that are too short or shoes with a heel that’s too high. In this environment you must look like your boss made the best investment in you, you must be every day, prepared to sign the biggest contract of your career. There are no half measures at work as, at the end of the months, you’re expecting the whole salary and why not, maybe even with a bonus if work goes well and you bring value to the company, through hard work and through your presence!


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