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A verse of Eminescu’s ” wondering in the woods being a boy’ got stuck in my mind, set into the context of this material has no connection with reality, because I am a grown up woman and I wandered in snow for a few frames rather than woodlands…. But let us not divert from the subject and begin to discuss about the style of my photo session.

We have a dusty pink bomber jacket, a silver skirt with pleats, a pair of black boots and a cap, hip hop style. Who, how and where we can wear such an outfit? Well firstly, there are several types of women or girls that find themselfs in this style. I can’t wear it cause it doesn’t represent me, but my blog is about all of us, so I went outside and I ran a little through the snow, to catch some unannounced frames to delight you, I hope.:)

In this garment style you can find many teenage girls who want to stand out, but still not want to draw to much attention and be vulgar in any way. Also, I know women or young ladies who works in a creative environment where the outfit does not have to be sober, such as advertisers, the advertising production and so on, because this garment style, suits them like a glove.

If I think better, an outfit like this can be somehow used as a 2 in 1 outfit. At day time at school or at work and in the evening, you can remove the cap and put a pair of earrings and replace the boots with a pair of heels (with no tights of course), a small envelope and here is how you get at a party without being neccessary to go home to change. All these accessories can be stored easily in the backpack.

About the bomber jacket you should know that it was a must have of the autumn winter 2016-2017. These jackets were worn for the first time in the 50s by American bombers and pilots and in the 70s began to gain popularity and be used by everyone. Although it is a, manly garment, the models and colors of the last season made it perfect for any feminine outfit. It can be worn at any sports outfit, casual sport or casual chic, at skirts, pants, dresses or jeans with boots, sneakers or high heels.

If you ask me, at minus five degrees outside, with a black sweater, not very thick, the bomber jacket kept me warm and I managed to carry out the photo session.:)


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