How important is the lingerie?

Underwear is the only piece of garment that we can wear in any season. It is necessary and in trend anytime. There are women who wear bikini, others wear classic seamless panties  or other wear boxers or high waist panties. It is very important to wear underwear when we need to, and more than that to feel comfortable and extremely sexy wearing it, even if sometimes we are the only beneficiary.

Nowadays we find underwear everywhere. The only difference lays in the quality and the fabric used. Just like clothes, it is preferable that the underwear is more of a high quality, this way it deteriorates slower over time and it is comfortable, whether we wear it under a pair of jeans or under an evening silk dress. It is very important to choose the right size for your underwear as a smaller bra could squeeze your back skin and could become visible through the shirt, making you look fat, not a very pleasant image. Also, if you wear a silk dress take nude seamless panties, this way you won’t feel strange, as it happens with the bikini when the dress sticks on your bottom or in the case of  classics pants with sewing, when the edge of the dress is visible.

For an evening intimate setting, the sexier the underwear is, the better! I’m a fan of Victoria’s Secret and Jolidon underwear. They are two different brands but each is unique in its own way. Victoria’s Secret has some extraordinary models, although the quality is not the best. They work a lot on marketing and they are visually appealing. I order on the internet and whenever I get the chance to go on a holiday, I look up for their branch/shop in that country. Jolidon is a Romanian brand and besides what Romanian designers say, we find good quality materials at affordable prices. They are very comfortable and durable.

What are your preferences?

Victoria’s Secret


I.D. Sarrieri





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