What do we wear on V Day?

If we follow the Americans borrowed Valentine’s Day, means tomorrow, on the fourteenth of February, we will celebrate this day of love. If we celebrate on Romanian old style, then this day of love is on the twenty-fourth of February. It does not matter exactly when we celebrate love, important is to enjoy every day with our partner and always find reasons to share our love.

I recommend to celebrate both, between and after them. 🙂

Now my main question is how you celebrate love in any of the two days and beyond? And more important than that … how you dress?

Each of us has a family or a busy job or has a full session of exams and certainly we often lose among everyday things and forget about us and our soulmates. Even if some are grumpy about these holidays, I recommend you to do not miss even one of them. In this way you have no reason to detach from work and daily activities and spend a few hours with your loved one.

Let’s suppose you go at the restaurant. Many restaurants across the country have prepared special menus and a romantic setting with candles and roses. I recommend you to wear a sexy dress, but somehow decent, heels, even if outside is ice and snow and certainly a sexy lingerie underneath. Style your hair and use a make up that will highlight the beautiful features of your face and do not forget to have a perfect manicure. Maybe a lot of you will ask, why all this, we are married for fifteen years, we know from twenty years? Well just that you know for so long is a must from time to time to show your partner that the love and fire between the two of you did not turned off and you love each other even more.

Use a evening perfume and a small purse or clutch and wear over the dress a coat or an overcoat. Believe me, that you will have a memorable evening, in two!

And now I let you plan your wonderful evening and I am looking forward to plan mine. 🙂



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