Dress with or without tights?

There are a few things that a woman should know in terms of fashion and the way we dress properly! One of these things, even if it seems trivial, are the tights. These tights, I am talking about now represent the piece of garment that covers legs and ends at the waist line.

Why is it so important? For the simple reason that if it is not worn correctly, they can ruin the most beautiful and expensive outfit and can turn a women’s day into one that she looks weird, she’s gossiped and people whisper behind her back!
Let’s start with the beginning! Tights, of any kind, must be worn only on day time! Never wear them when going to an evening party. If it’s too cold outside and you have a cocktail or a night out at club, you can choose some overalls. In this way the foot is covered and you no longer feel chilly.
How do we wear them during the day? In this weather, there are two options to wear it correctly: either we take dull tights, very thick, or we take thinner tights with models. Do not wear under any circumstances that 10-15 den tights, not even in the office! If you can not wear thick tights, then I advise you to take thin model tights or classic trousers.


If you have a party in the evening and you’ve already bought a short dress or a mussels one, especially long one, and there are 10 degrees outside, forget about wearing the dress for the moment, or go barefoot, whatever the risk is.
I often see ladies wearing thin tights, skin colored with open toe shoes… this is the biggest style mistake! What’s the use of those open toe shoes (I heard a rumor that are out of fashion this season) with tights?! The only exceptions to this rule are mothers or grandmothers which are aging and we can no longer fix this. They can keep thin leg color tights, but with a pair of classic closed shoes .
There are some little tricks that can visibly enhance an outfit without any effort! Yes, it’s winter outside, but that does not mean we can not wear skirts or dresses and match the booties, ankle boots or long ones, with matte or coloured tights. And take my word, they keep you warm and make you look more attractive!


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