Honeymoon in Jamaica, hunted style!

Honeymoon in the Caribbean! It sounded so good that what I wanted from the bottom of my heart was for it to come true and to enjoy that soft sand and the fantastic colourful water! That holiday was meant to be mine!And how else could it be a memorable holiday if not by even turning it into a honeymoon! Said and done!

Like normal people, lovers, willing to relax after a busy year and a big wedding, we decided to choose Jamaica to be the destination of our honeymoon. The honeymoon has transformed into a “seven honey days”. It meets all the requirements: Caribbean beach (as it was November, there were no sunny, good beaches in this time of the year in Europe) and an adult only resort ( I love children, but my mind was craving for seven days just for it).We took the flight with a stopover for a night in Frankfurt. I had to realize that this holiday will be very special from the moment we stepped into Frankfurt airport, we embark on a plane to Montego Bay, when because of an irritable lady at check in, we were just about to miss our flight.Realizing that she makes a major mistake, asking for visa to Jamaica before boarding (which could not happen because the visa is taken from the airport in Monetgo Bay, when landing in the country) we upgraded to business class . What can I say, we got over all stuff and nerves gathered in an hour we thoroughly enjoyed a long flight of nine hours on some chairs bed, with metal cutlery and crockery (not at all plastic ones) and an increased attention, checking on us every hour, from the flight attendants.We landed in Jamaica, we’ve got a visa, in a setting much like a market ,it was very noisy , people were pushing each other .We were sweating all over because there were only a few tired fans. Anyway, we’ve got our luggages and went to get our lent car … I tell you from the start that this was the biggest mistake of our holiday! Why? Very simple: Jamaica is a poor country where the main activity is the sale of cannabis or stealing from tourists. When we got in the rented car, as two white people, we became their targets.We were followed at every step, in an attempt to defraud us or to sell us things. They got in our way by car, motorcycle, bicycle, with everything they had at hand …. Thank God we managed to escape safely!
One thing that caught our attention when we got in the car was the powerful sound of crickets and creatures everywhere at nightfall. It was such a powerful sound that it seemed initially like the muffler felt on the road or the car brokedown.
The resort was special, we stayed in Negril, in a variety of bungalows on the ground in a rainforest, designated for tourists.We only found out the next day how dangerous the area was, when we realised that there was a guardian 24/7 in the resort, on the beach, even watching after us when crossing the street towards the beach! Someone had to ensure that we were safe every moment…


We tried twice to visit the island but we did not succeed, because of fierce pursuers. We managed to get some pictures while driving the car and you can see them at the end of the article.However, if you want to visit Jamaica, there are a few things that can beat all the trouble of the long way and even the risk of your life.. Water in the Caribbean is fantastic! It has a color like I’ve never seen ,a wonderful turquois and it is always hot. Then you have an impressive sunrise and sunset. At the time we were there the rainy season was over, so we caught some very quick rains, with some incredible games of lights in the sky . And two hours after any rain, everything is dry and takes back to the natural course, like any drop of rain had passed by.
What can you do on the island? Snorkeling, boating offshore, visiting Ricks Cafe (the only bar / restaurant in Negril) and a stroll on the Balck River, otherwise relaxation and beaches.
What can you eat? We had plenty of exotic fruits, pork and chicken, little fish and seafood. On the beach we found a fisherman who was grilling the lobster he had just caught, on the spot, right at the barbecue set up on the seafront..I can say it was very good.
All Jamaicans seemed to be on repeat, starting with the chief of the restaurant, to the last maid. They always had dilated pupils and moved very slowly, always smiling..I wonder why?I honestly don’t ever want to go back there as I was afraid of my own life, but it was definitely an unique experience that I will always remember. A honeymoon on the edge, with followers after us, like in the movies!
If you still want to visit Jamaica do not rent a car! Travel by taxi because you’re safe accompanied by a Jamaican and go only in organised tours! This way you’re going to be left with a good impression about this island!No worry man, no problem man! 🙂


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