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I’m a fan of pop music when I’m melancholic and romantic, or electronic music when I need a bit of energy and color in my life … Speaking of that, the first of may is approaching and I can’t wait to feel the vibe at the beach parties from Mamaia seaside. However, there are moments when I feel really good in glam rock outfits. We hear, everywhere even I often use the term, glam rock, but what does it really means?

Glam rock style was born in 1970 in Great Britain and artists like Lady Gaga, David Bowie, Roxy Music and others developed this style and influenced the music and fashion of ’90.

For most of us glam rock style means something that is related to rock, a style that emanetes power, nonconformity and elegance, but also something attractive and boldy. Vivienne Westwood, Givenchy, Christian Lacroix, Alexander McQueen and many other designers have begun to include this style in their collections.
How can we wear this style of garment?
If you want to wear and adopt the glam rock style you must have a strong, feminine and slightly rebellious attitude. Search for clothes that highlight your silhouette, leather pieces of garment, accessories with staples or shaped in crosses and skulls (without entering the sphere of metal rock), with high heels or studded boots. All black or mixed outfits with a splash of color, a pair of jeans and various corsets over a shirt or dress will give exactly that nonconformist air of a beautiful and strong woman.
In the evening, at a party you will look sensational, wearing a pair of glitter platforms or a pair of false long thick eyelashes and a leather jacket with chains, safety pins or prints.
The hairstyle should be slightly messy or very teased and with much volume, with hair color or multicolored extensions, cause pink or green hair is in trend.
All these are ideas on how a glam rock outfit should look like, but the uniqueness of each of us will make the difference between approached styles.

Fashion has no rules when it comes to inspiration and creativity, as long as everything is done tastefully. So I wish you to shine in the glam rock outfit that you will choose!




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