Spring comes with low immunity!

Although I wanted the material of today to be about a piece of basic garment, beautiful and necessary, I postponed it, simply because I have a cold for three days, which doesn’t want in any way to give beaten up and leave me alone! And if it doesn’t want to leave from my life, I decided to write about it, to get amused about it and maybe it will go 🙂

It’s normal have in the air a lot of viruses as temperatures increase and the viruses returned to life after a long winter, frozen at all edges of the earth. I promised myself since fall to take vitamins and to grow my immunity. I took then (4 months ago) a lot of vitamins, magnesium, zinc and my ally, Isoprinosine. To be honest, in the last 4 months I haven’t catch any cold, being an expert at this sport and I thought I will get rid of it at the begging of spring time too. But ,what can I say, viruses defeated me!
Everywhere around me, children, women of all ages, men, face the same problem, colds of all kinds!
How do we treat and prevent, until the summer, from the colds and viruses that go through the air?
I have some ideas, which I already put in practice and I hope to help you too:
1. I was writing in a material some time ago that I don’t like to go to the gym! Well, I still don’t like it, but I found a delightful way for me to work out: dancing !! Make at least once a week any kind of movement (running, fitness, aerobics, dancing, and so on ) and you will improve the cardiovascular system.
2. Eat seabuckthorn, many oranges and lemons, they are rich in vitamin C.
3. Take echinacea tea and make a cure with it because this miraculous herb increases the ability of the body’s defense against various infectious agents, has antiseptic qualities, is antifever, antiviral and antibacterial
4. Eat plenty of honey. It contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help the immune system function.
5. Take a teaspoon of propolis on empty stomach every morning. Propolis is known as a natural antibiotic, stimulating the immune system to release substances that prevent cell damage.
Doctors generally recommend medication, which in many situations is vital. But a natural treatment will help your body on a long term, without any toxic implication to fight viruses and defend against them by increasing immunity.
To be honest, this time, my form of cold is relatively mild. But even so, I want to put my body in session a little and make a battle plan for this spring.
And to finish in a nice style, even with a cup of tea near me and a sensation of heavy eyelids and troubled eyes : “Mens sana in corpore sano”




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