Ripped jeans in vogue this season


The first time I put a pair of ripped jeans on me in front of my father, I thought that his tension grows … why? That was the question that was croosing my mind, in the seconds I saw all his blood going to the cheeks, turning red and about to explode … He thought I had a bad time with finances and I have no money to buy other jeans . Poor parents, how many emotions are going through with their kids! After I explained what the deal is, that they are in trend, are worn my everybody and I like them, he asked me on the nicest tone that he had at the time, to hide them in the farthest recess of the closet when I go out with my family in the city!
From then until today, several years have passed and what can I say? Ripped jeans are still in trend ! Moreover, from year to year are rippering even more and let at view bigger parts of the leg’ skin. Now, are lucky those who have beautiful legs … to be honest, only they can wear very ripped jeans .
For other women, who don’t have mannequin’s measures, this is not the point, there are a lot of alternatives of cutted jeans , patched, different designs and colors. You can buy jeans (like any piece of garment ) depending on your silhouette.
People who have wider hips ( triangle silhouette) is recommended to wear straight jeans, darker or maximum boyfriend jeans, tapered from the ankle to the knees. People who have larger bust than hips (V silhouette) I recommend to wear boyfriend jeans, light colored, with larger cuts. For overweight people (apple silhouette in particular) I don’t recommend to wear cutted jeans for the simple reason that they don’t elongate legs and they need elongation and thinning of the legs and trunk. They can wear jeans rather tapered, dark, without cuts or tears jeans.
Ripped jeans can be worn for a walk, at a coffee with friends or in a restaurant, on day time, on holiday, anywhere is a light and pleasant environment, with friends or family. Instead, they may not be worn at the office, at business meetings, at lectures or seminars, school or even in places where we need to be protocolar and have contact with strangers. It is also preferable to use them at a day time outfit and not for evening, even if it’s a night out in club, because these jeans fit in casual sport category.
Stylist’s recommendation: Take a pair of boyfriend navy jeans, till the ankle, a little cutted, a shirt or a turtleneck (of a single color), a pair of colored heels and a simple jacket, arched, which passes the line of hips. Then accessorize your outfit with a pair of large earrings, matching the shoes and a blue purse and go for a walk! It announces nice weather in the weekend … and don’t forget your sunglasses. 🙂


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