Theatre dress code

It’s Friday night and you got tickets to the theater for some time. You have completed the program at work and you are heading home quickly, to take a shower and change. And then you ask yourself a million of questions … but how to dress? Maybe i can  take the dress I wore for Christmas? get my pair of shoes or my boots? But if i am dressed too elegant, yet it is just a play? maybe i can put my leather jacket and a dress with flowers or take that pair of ripped jeans that i always wear?

And all these questions don’t give you peace until you get home, don’t leave even when you’re done showering, so, you get in front of the closet and what to see … all your questions and scenarios disappear, no further idea , not one !!! God, in 15 minutes i have to walk out the door !! Help!! Unless you have a stylist friend, to help you 3 times and in 3 movements with a great idea, then I recommend you sit on the bed,  take a breath and reconfigurate your thoughts quietly and confidently!

To recap, where you go out tonight? At the Theatre. Good

What can you wear at  the theater, to feel good and show that?

Let’s see. The plays usually take place in the evening. From the beginning we will focus on the  casual outfit … out of the question here will be stand up comedies (where we can dress casually,such as when we go into a pub in the evening with friends, at a beer, because they are usually held in bars,in the evening between friends) . The play where you go tonight will take place at the great theater in town.

For one play in a beautiful and impetuous setting i recommend to wear high heels,they are a MUST! No boots, not sneakers, not boots without heels, not flats! A mussels or short dress but not too short, no sequins or glitter ,with a jacket or an overcoat, would be the ideal choice. Also pants, high-waisted or not, striped, flared or straight ,with a shirt with ruffles, dots or flowers would also be a good choice. Take a small purse as a clutch or an envelope, accessories make the difference between a day or evening event, along with garment textures.

Makeup  beautiful, delicate and style your hair so the whole outfit will have a clean, fresh line and give the impression that you haven’t spent much time in front of the mirror or in front of the closet, all looks perfect because that is what you are, perfect!




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