Networking and powerful woman

Often, attending personal development courses, NLP or communication, I heard the term networking . But what it means? For those who don’t know, networking is not a term that is learn in school, it doesn’t get our attention, going for a walk on the street. Networking means communication. At the base this word, translated literally and mostly in English means network. If we link the word communication network we will have exactly its significance! The important part is not the networking itself, the independent network, but the action between this and the communication between people.
What does it means and how can we use it?
If we know that this word signifies a communication network, we can use it to create new contacts in the field in which we operate or in any other field. The more people we connect with the highest is the success rate for our business and our personal life will be much improved because we have easy access to information.
I wanted to make a brief introduction and to give an easy definition because a few days ago I was invited to an event by a dear friend of mine, Mery Mambet, a talented speaker, a confident woman, a successful entrepreneur who started to implement networking in Constanta too. No matter how small would be the city where you live, it is very important to know neighbors, businesses and important people from your town.
At the event organized by Mery Mambet, I met women from wide fields, people with all kinds of concerns and I added contacts and new information on my agenda, the event called suggestive Woman – Challenge and Truth. During this, Aurora Craciun, doctor in biology made a short presentation of her work, how she manages to treat a patient by alternative medicine and how she helps people recover at the natural state of health and happiness, be in harmony with themselfs and others. Interesting, no? To be honest, I am tired of drugs and prescriptions for any headache, I will try another alternative, healthier for my body and mind!
And because I am the adept of the adage”appetite comes eating” I enjoyed so much this kind of meeting so I will go to others as well and I will keep you updated with everything new and beautiful.
Until next time, I wish you a nice weekend, sunshine and happiness!



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