How can you wear MOM fit jeans?

A few years ago, when the boyfriend jeans came on the market, I felt like I discovered America. Intoxicated by so slim fit (which we have nowadays), something easy and comfortable appeared! Not only that were in stores, but were also in trend.
I still remember that I went shopping and with exciment in my soul I entered the first store to find my boyfriend’s pair of jeans, perfect for me. I’ve tried on and keep trying and what to see … I didn’t buy anything then … why? Simply, they were too short, or too wide at the calves. The idea is the following: it doesn’t matter what the trend is, the clothes have to fit well on our bodies. Having a triangle silhouette with big hips, I can’t take something wide at the bottom and tight at the top because I look deformed. Proportions must be exactly the opposite. So, boyfriend jeans, for me are not ok. Although in a late (after about 2 years) I found some, tight at the calves and not very wide, to be able to wear and feel good in them.
I made this introduction because the MOM fit jeans, who are in vogue this season, are somewhat the younger brothers of boyfriend jeans. They are slightly wide on legs, lazy and comfortable, but unlike their siblings, they are high waisted.

In the ’80s, these jeans were worn by women of the second age, in open colors, as wide and as high waisted as possible and they weren’t in trend. In the next decade, however, with the emergence of the successful Beverly Hills 90210 series, they have begun to be worn by young women as well and to be in trend.
Mom fit jeans had a fall for many years, until two years ago, they re-emerged, shy, in many colors and with plenty of applications, in designer’s collections.
This season, MOM fit jeans are a MUST HAVE for those people who can wear them! I recommend this model for women with silhouettes in V or hourglasses. The other types of silhouettes can wear the MOM fit jeans only after many tryes. They need to harmonize their bodies with their help and use some tricks, such as a longer jacket and a pair of heels.

I’m going shopping to look for the right pair and I promise I’ll show you what I found. For women who fit into the silhouettes recommended above and don’ have time to buy, I recommend this pair of MOM FIT jeans!


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