Celebrating the international day of reading

I always enjoyed reading. I remember that when I was a child I rode any book ¬†found in my parents’ library. It was very relaxing, and there were many times when, instead of the geography handbook, I had a book of fiction (my favorite genre) in my arms, which I immediately enjoyed. Often, I prefer to read a book, rather than watching a movie. And that’s for the simple reason I like to be the director of my imagination. I like to feel, smell and make my own visual story of every page I read.

Today, we celebrate the international day of books. I searched and I’ve already ordered 3 titles, which I recommend to you as well. A love bestseller, a motivational book for women who want to succeed in everything they want and a book that guides us in business.

You will find many good books, on elephant or carturesti at very low prices. As I don’t ¬†have much time in this period to walk through the city, it was easier to order online.

  1. Before I meet you – Jojo Moyes (New York Times Bestseller)

  1. I love being a woman, the guide for a ten grade woman – Hedi Hoka

  1. Rich father, poor father – Robert T. Kiyosaki

I wish you pleasant reading,

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