How we dress at a christening party?

It seems to be a common question, but I’m convinced that most of you have it in mind every time you have to go to an event of this kind.

Let’s suppose you are invited at a christening in the near future (not as a godmother – because here it is clear that you must have an outfit, at least as beautiful as the mother), what do you wear?

Here are some situations I have to develop a little:

  1. The event takes place on day time, both the christening of the little one and the party.

It is necessary to take a day dress (it is not a wedding, to wear long, loose, train dresses). How does a day time christening dress looks like? From my point of view, a perfect dress for a christening is a short (but not very) or mussels dress. Depending on the season in which you have the event, the material will also be selected. Try to take a dress with a normal neckline, because it’s a baby’s party, not a club night. Also, at a christening you can wear skirts or shirts with pants (obligatory silk or lace – this way the outfit gets an elegant touch and comes out of the office outfit) or even overalls. Whatever you choose, unless dress code requires it, DO NOT wear jeans !!!

I recommend shoes or some fine hight-heeled boots, a must have (even if there is snow outside and everything that comes in your mind are brown boots, almost till the knees, without heel, NO WAY !!!) .You can also choose a pair of sandals, on summer time – obviously also with the heel!

Accessorize your outfit with a purse or clutch, you will add extra elegance to the outfit, you can’t go with the bag that you take daily at work!

  1. The event takes place in both moments of the day (the christening on day time and the party in the evening).

Here is a special discussion. If you are a relative or a close friend, you can take two outfits, a leisure one (as in the example above ) and a cocktail dress (as below) for the evening party. If you do not have the time or the pleasure to take two outfits, then I recommend choosing¬† the evening cocktail outfit, because the party will be held in the evening. You will take pictures and the guests, while standing at the table, will have time to look at you. The christening is for the little one and for the godmother … and they will be in the foreground, along with their parents, obviously.

  1. The event takes place only in the evening, the part of christening was omitted or you did not have time to reach it.

At an evening party (christening) I recommend you to wear  a short / mussels dress or overalls, sandals or heel shoes and a clutch.

Another important thing is where you buy your outfits. For day time outfits I recommend H & M and Zara stores. I love their clothes very much and wear them whenever I have the opportunity. Avoid to buy outfits from these stores when you have an event! You risk having the same oufit with at least one guest and what’s the point of destroying your party just before it starts?

P.S. I wrote this material on the recommendation of a friend and is not a pamphlet.

I hope I gave you ideas and I am convinced that you will shine at the next christening you are invited to!


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