An original wedding gift

This material is inspired by a gift from my own wedding.

In life comes a moment or better, that moment, where we find our soulmate and we want to move to the next step. Your best friend is getting married. Super happiness, packed with tears and a mixture of feelings, bachelor parties, wedding preparations, dresses and so on.

Your friend, the bride, is getting involved you Β in everything, because she cares about you very much and she trusts your opinions. It’s quite a tiring job but I’m convinced she enjoys it at full intensity, because these moments will be more and more infrequent. Do not be afraid, she will love you as much, but the new family will take more of her time. πŸ™‚

Returning to our subject, you think of buying her a wedding gift, because that is how it’s done and above all you want to have a beautiful memory from your lifetime friend. But you’re out of ideas and especially out of time and you do not know what to buy…

I’ll give you some advices. Take a coffee and read the lines below…

All loved ones will take tons of bedclothes, tableware, glasses, sets of plates and mugs, lots of gifts which she will probably also give to friends on other occasions. So all these gifts go out of the question, and on top of that, she won’t remember which sets of Crystal glasses have received from her best friend. All look the same and let’s be serious, it neither comes at hand to use them daily … only if she is a princess.

For me, the most original and unexpected gift from my wedding, which will always reminds me of the person who gave it to me, was a dowry box! Yes, yes, do not laugh, because I liked it so much. At that moment I felt like a little princess with my beautiful dowry box, painted manually, with flowers. I used it as a decoration at my own wedding! And you know something? All those tons of gifts, they fit into it and it looks super nice, probably up to my baby’s wedding when I will give it to him. πŸ™‚

If you don’t have an innovative friend like mine, to find where this present comes from, I found some charming boxes on, which look very good and spacious.


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