Tenerife – an unique destination

After a full, extremely tiring year, we decided to take a long, far away holiday, where to relax, make a sun batch and sleep a lot.
The period in which we could do this was late September or April-May.

With a baby after us and with an extra season period, we have exhausted the options to find a beautiful location in Europe, where we can make a sun batch and a bath in a sea or ocean with beautiful and warm waves. And so, slowly, after long searches, I came across an exotic, warm and welcoming destination, somewhere off the Atlantic Ocean, on a volcanic island: Tenerife!
After a fairly long flight (7 hours without a stopover) we arrived in Tenerife Norte. Tired ,with the luggages and all the toys after us, we got out of the airport and we were amazed by the beauty of the island. The temperature in the North is 10 degrees lower than in the South, where are the resorts and tourist attractions and we got scared a little at first, thinking that we would spend our holiday wearing autumn outfits.
We rented a car and heading south, we felt the warm sunshine and the perfect holiday atmosphere, where the ocean breeze felt everywhere.
We booked an apartment in a resort, Beverly Hills, in Los Cristianos, which was perfect for us and our friends (who were joining us). The resort was a 5-minute drive from the Los Cristianos beach, with 2 swimming pools, restaurants, a children’s playground, a fitness room. The apartment we chose had a wonderful ocean view and everything we need for a perfect holiday in the family!

The island is perfect for couples, families, elderls, and even for water sports enthusiasts (on the beach of El Medano we saw a lot of kaiters playing with the winds and with the strong ocean waves). Tenerife has plenty of beautiful beaches, and I personally loved Los Duques Beach. What was more special at this beach? The fine, golden sand from Africa, the wooden sunbeds and the big straw umbrellas , all this landscape inspires romance and tranquility. (Most of the beaches have black, fine sand due to the volcanic rock).

We visited a lot of beautiful places, from water fun parks (2 on the island) to animal parks, here I discovered 3 (Loro Park, Jungle Park and Monkey Park). For children, everything is very well organized, each mall, restaurant or park, has a playground for them, so we all enjoy the holiday and each have activities appropiate to the age.

A one day trip to the El Teide volcano is a great opportunity to see the prints of nature on this island, volcanic formations and its rocks in special colors and shapes. Masca Village was also an exciting destination. Hidden among the mountains, it was a true challenge to get there. A narrow, serpentine road on the edge of the mountain, where there were not two cars in different directions at the same time, left me a little airless, a few times. Also on the right was the abyss and the descent was extremely steep. However, the sight and adrenaline of the trip made all the money and my whole sense of empty stomach .

There were restaurants everywhere, but I could not recommend one expressly, because I ate “honest” as a friend would say, but nothing to be out of the ordinary or to impress my taste buds. To be honest, we did not even walk with a local man, who would show us all the good places, only know by them.
The island is exempt from taxes and any cosmetic products, sunglasses, watches and other beauties like that, I found them at very good prices and what can I say, it was a delight.
If you want a holiday to relax and load yourself with beautiful energies, I recommend Tenerife, no matter if you choose to go with your children, your boyfriend or your friends.

For me it was one of the most beautiful holidays with the baby. I would come back anytime to take the pulse of the volcanic island and to feel that warm, sweeping, ocean air.

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