With or without ruffles?

It often happens to me to pass by a store window, to see a nice dressed and accessorised mannequin and to want one of its garment pieces. It’s not a bad thing, but before I figured out how I could wear, for example, a ruffles dress, seen on a mannequin in the showcase, I have to ask myself if that dress fits me well. The first impression, in our minds, about any garment piece, is the picture that we see hanging, seated, arranged on something. A mannequin is the perfect shape to which we all desire for. But, few of us have the perfect 90-60-90 measures and to be honest that’s not important. For a woman to be beautiful, doesn’t need to have those measures, but to feel so and to choose the perfect clothes for her silhouette.

Returning to our mannequins and the ruffles dress, I know very well my conformation and no matter how attractive the dress will be, her ruffles or floral prints, they won’t fit me well. Moreover I will look deformed and fat. I’m not bad, but just realistic. 🙂

Now, let me explain a little how I came to this cruel reality.

My silhouette is triangle (the shoulders are smaller than the hips), so I have to find ample outfits with ruffles or prints at the top of the body and at the bottom, dark colors, without prints or ruffles. So the top must be highlighted by accessories or volumes, while the bottom should remain as simple as possible. That’s why that dress is gorgeous in the showcase but it’s not for me and I won’t waste my time with it. Instead, for me, a ruffles shirt is perfect and it is a must in the wardrobe, or as I would say under other circumstances: it is exactly what my doctor prescribed. 🙂
This shirt, mostly in trend, can be weared by triangle or hourglass silhouettes (this silhouette has the shoulders and hips equal). If you don’t find yourself in any of these two silhouettes, don’t waste your time to try on ruffles shirts, it won’t look good on you. Instead, people with V-shaped silhouettes, shoulders bigger than hips, can take that dress that I was crazy about with ruffles at the bottom, because they need volume and prints on the hips.

I’m going shopping to see what kind of nice ruffles I find and we hear tomorrow with a big event that I’m going to attend: Digital Divas 🙂 xoxo #digitaldivas17

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