Digital Divas and my lovely day

What can a woman or a young lady want, rather than to be in the spotlight and feel, for a day, admired, beautiful, like a diva?
Well, I experienced this feeling for the first time, and I liked it a lot. So much that I wanted to share it with you.
What does Digital Divas mean?
Digital Divas is an event organized by Avon, with many sponsors (Haagen Dazs, Canon, Lenovo, Mc Donalds, Ciuc, Boiron, Lillet, and so on.) for young fashion and lifestyle bloggers from Romania. Sounds good, right? I have to tell you that it was better than I imagined.

I, the young aspirant in this field, attented this kind of event for the first time and I was surprised in a very pleasant way. The location, Bragadiru Palace, was amazing. The organizer of the event, Avon, made sure everything went as planned, ensured that bloggers would be treated as princesses and that we would not miss anything. For all this I congratulate them!

Imagine a beautiful palace at our disposal, a gorgeous garden where lunch, coffees, ice cream, beer and wine were served, well dressed waiters walking among us and making sure everything was ok and many photographers.
I met a lot of beautiful girls, my guild colleagues, dressed, wearing make up and having wonderful hairstyles one more interesting than another. I am convinced that many of the outfits there may be an inspiration for the great fashion houses.

The program was a lively one and left a lot of time for networking: several hours of conferences with even more breaks, where culinary pampering and photo sessions were the delight of all.
I went along with Maria from UrbnStyle, the one who told me about Digital Divas and my colleague from the fashion styling course, Ana Maria Mitrus, a successful parenting blogger (

Maria from UrbnStyle, the one that make these beautiful pictures 🙂

Ana Maria Mitrus and me, enjoying a Haagen Dazs ice cream

Now, what could Graceful Style wear at an event where she met with all of the fashion bloggers from Romania, at an event that took place mostly during the day?

Let me tell you how I got to the outfit at this event. I went someday to a friend’s store in Constanta, Collage, is called the shop and I saw there a pair of short sequins pink pants, made by a young student at arts. I liked it very much, but there were 2 size bigger, unique numbers because they were made for an exam and there was no time for change (that was 5 days before Digital Divas). The idea was that I had to stand out, choose an outfit that would be cocktail day style because of the location, but to represent me and make me feel great. One thing was certain, I had the sandals, bought from Tk Maxx in London – a beauty gold sandals with a fine glitter, thick and comfortable.

There were only 4 days till the event, I was out of extravagant ideas and I started to look on the internet. Usually when I’m at the limit, I search the garment sites I know and where I bought from, because I know how fast they deliver. I entered and in 2 times and 3 moves I found it! Colorful, with a perfect floral print, a lightweight train behind, in stock and at an unbeatable price. I had in front of me the piece of garment that was going to impress everyone. I ordered it right away (from Closet London) and in two days I had it at home.

For the top I found a white T-shirt with some small Zara ruffles, as I had written a material the past few days about the ruffles and I completed the outfit with two star accessories. The F64 Polaroid Hello Kitty camera, which was confused by many people, with a purse and Jimmy Choo sun glasses, taken from the holiday in Tenerife.

I felt great and I promised myself that it will come a day when I will get on the stage of the event at the Divas Awards and I win one of them. Until then, I wish to delight you with many beautiful materials and photos and I look forward to other events of this kind.


I embrace you, my dear readers, and thank you for supporting me!

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