Coffee, pleasure or necessity?

I liked to smoke. Strange way to start this article, right?… Yeah, I’ve been smoking a lot of years, I do not want to count them because they are a lot, and that’s not what I want to talk to you now. By the time I smoked, drinking coffee seemed to be part of the decor. I did not imagine how I could drink coffee without smoking a cigarette or vice versa. Coffee, which means cappuccino or latte for me with lot of milk and sugar, a kind of milkshake, was a ritual every morning.

But one day, I decided that cigarettes are not good for me and it’s time to quit smoking … and I left them, easier than I imagined, but with a slight trace of regret: what will happen to my morning ritual? What will I do with the coffee I enjoyed, with my eyes half opened, before even opening the facebook page?

Where will be that perfect smell of freshly fried coffee, thrown in my cup with a lot of milk and brown sugar?

Well, it seems to have nothing to do with smoking, because now, nearly a year since I quit this hobby, I still enjoy the morning coffee with its addictive flavor and smell.

I do not know how are you, but I need a cappuccino or latte every morning to start my day with strength and with a positive mood. So I have a question: is coffee a simple innocent pleasure or a necessity to get on our feet?

I think the answer is a little bit of both. I like the taste a lot, but besides it, if I have a rough night, morning coffee restores me a little and gives me a slight leap through the day. Moreover, I read many articles about the benefits of coffee that I want to share with you shortly:

  • Coffee improves our mood (and now I realize why I start my days better with a cup of coffee)
  • Coffee has many fiber and antioxidants
  • Coffee does not cause acidity
  • Consumed consistently reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • It is also said that coffee smell reduces stress

Did you know?…

There is a legend that the coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian pastor. He noticed that his sheep were full of energy when they were eating some red wild fruits, being the fruits from which the coffee is made. Coffee beans are sweet and taste like melon, rose water and hibiscus at the same time.

I’m going to make a cup of coffee and I wish you a beautiful and sunny week!


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