What is the best outfit for a meal with friends at home?

A dear friend of mine told me that he wants to be a guest (the classic question: what do you want to do when you grow up?). I asked him why, how did this crazy idea came to his mind? And he responded very confident, with enthusiasm, that he wishes to become a professional guest, because it is fantastic to walk from house to house. Also he does not have to worry about what he has to eat or if it is clean, because all these issues are handled by the host. Interesting theory, time has passed and he has not become a guest, obviously, but still loves to eat while on the road. 🙂
Theoretically, when we announce a visit or when we are sending an invitation, lunch or dinner, at home, the first things that go through our minds are what we cook, what we drink, how to clean the house as soon as possible and how to be perfect hosts. The last thing we think about is how we dress … and to be honest it is wrong! Why?
Sure we will not wear an evening dress and we will not go to the makeup artist to make smokey eyes, not the case here. But there are some important things to keep in mind:
1. It is important to have a lightweight outfit that allows us to move around, clean the table, wash the dishes and so on. But in no case a gym suit! I think this sport garment should be worn ONLY at jogging or in the gym!
2. We must take care if we opt for a pair of pants to not show the underwear when we check the roast in the oven or when we get something on the floor.
3. Try not to take shorts (to reveal intimate parts of the body) and not too long dresses that sweep all the mess that will get on the floor during the meal.
4. Avoid the decolletages, you do not want to flirt with someone, just to be a good and beautiful host
5. Grab your hair in a pony tail, bun, headband, or scarf, to avoid having the unpleasant surprise of spreading hair into the guests’ plates.
I recommend you to take a pair of trousers or jeans, loose, with a blouse or a t-shirt. Another option would be a mussels dress, but not molded, large, as it is warm and beautiful outside.

Tell your guests at the entrance if they must take theirs shoes off or not and if you choose the first option, make sure you have enough slippers in the house that are in good condition.

I am not very good at cooking, it’s not my specialty, but I’m sure it will be very tasty and artistic. 🙂


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