Istanbul seen through the eyes of my son

In autumn, I’m talking about the bobs or, better say, the holidays, because this is the time when I can leave calm to rest and recharge my batteries.

Last week I was in Istanbul. I visit this beautiful city often and I enjoy it every time I revisit it, because it is always changed in some way. A new skyscrapers neighborhood is built, a new x-km highway, even a tunnel under Bosphorus?! In just 6 minutes by car, you can pass from the Asian side to the European one, through this tunnel, beautifully lighted.

I am in love with their kitchen, almost as much as the Italian one. You simply can not find a delicious meal at any corner of the street!

I do not know how they can do all this … but we should also learn from them cause it would not be bad??.

In another train of thoughts, I wanted to tell you how was this holiday with my child, because yes, we took him with us as well, as we do not make decisions alone?.

From the very first evening since we landed in Istanbul, we went to a good restaurant, Sahan is called, in the Asian part, where they have a playground for children and a young lady who permanently oversees them. Parents, like us, had dinner in peace and the happy child, played football and learned to speak Turkish with signs?. I do not know exactly how they got along, but at the end I hardly got him out of that playground and from his friend Miss, as he called her?.


The next three days we spent at the amusement park at the Via Port Outlet, a large shopping mall with children’s playgrounds, many restaurants and even more shops. Can I tell you that I went shopping? I would lie. I can not go shopping with the child after me, because he always needs my whole attention and eventually this getaway was for him. So, all day, I got into the minds of the children and I fooled around everywhere, trying all the cradles and cars for my weight, because I could not disappoint my son?.

Honestly, I had a lot of fun and I relived a few days of my childhood in the modern version.

The last day we spent, where else, than at a fun park, this time on the European side of Istanbul, Vialand Park, a huge space with plenty of interactive activities and games for all ages.

I recommend you to visit it, with the first occasion when you get to Istanbul with the little ones. You will spend a whole day full of magic and you will feel children again.

We did not arrive at the bazaar or in the classical places to visit, but we saw it on other occasions. Now I dedicated the holiday in Istanbul to my child and I saw another city through his eyes.





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