What is your profile for photos?

I do not know how you look like when you were kids, but I did not like myself … I was too skinny, I did not have any form. It is useless telling you how my colleagues were teasing me with every occasion.

I remember, as I was about 16, I had to wear thick leggings under the jeans, to look a little more normal at my feet, no matter that it was summer or winter … It was the fashion of thin eyebrows, what crazy fashion? How could we get rid completely of our eyebrows? Now we are suffering with treatments and miraculous oils for their growth, then, when we got them, we were ripping them daily … what to say, teenager madness!

I tried, at about that time, to stay as good as I could at the pictures. In those days, there were no camera phones and gadgets like today (I know I sounded like an granny, but that’s about 20 years ago) and the pictures we made were usually for school or for a party with parents . So, I had no idea how to pose, and obviously I looked bad in them! I was getting a witch nose, I do not know how something like this could happen … or I looked like I had dark circles under my eyes, or even my hair was messy… It was not right in any way.

I started to avoid the camera as much as I could, until, in the 12th grade, at the banquet, I bought a long red dress, a pair of high heels sandals. A collegue did my make up and told me that, this time, I have to take a perfect picture, I will make it! My outfit was too beautiful and I felt wonderful in it, so it was worth immortalizing the moment. For an hour I fooled around with my friend in front of the camera and slowly, from the scared face of the photos, I relaxed, played and left myself carried away, without thinking about taking pictures.

Obviously the pictures were on the film and I could not see them in real time, but at the moment I received them, I found a good one, it was a photo in which I enjoyed how I looked like! You realize that, for an hour I made hundreds of photos, in a lot of hypostases and I managed, for the first time in my life, to like a PICTURE!

For me it was a real success and then I realized that I had to practice and find out my good profile for pictures! And from that moment I started to play in the mirror for years. What do you think that I made the perfect profile in a few days ?! No, no, I practiced for years! Meanwhile, the camera phones appeared and it was much easier!

But like everything I do with passion and work, I’ve been able to look good in photos, in all the photos! I started with one of 500 and I managed to make them all! Good job, I would say.

So, my dear ones, you know that you are all photogenic, and if you do not believe this, you have not found your perfect profile yet!

I recommend you to have patience and practice until you succeed. Now it’s easier because of technology. Try yourself at home, until you love what you see! After all, the photos are important, they are the moments of each of us and we can look and admire them even after 30 years.

Did you find your perfect profile for photos?


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