I love coats!

For me the last year trends, fit me like a glove. I love pearls, velvet, office outfits, heels and stiletto shoes, lots of red and various coats. Two years ago, a friend asked me if I don’t feel cold in the winter wearing coats and why I don’t wear like everyone, thick winter jackets? …because I am a lady, I was going to answer. Kidding! Ladies also wear thick winter jackets when temperature in thermometers drops a lot or when you go to the mountains.

I love coats! Yes, seriously, I like them very much. I have a whole collection at home, for more than 15 years, soon will be called vintage. And I take care of them, so they all are in a very good condition and I can get them out of the the closet anytime.

I had a conversation with my husband, two days ago, and he said that he can not understand how I might want another pair of glasses, if I already have about eight pairs. Well, it’s simple, I really like accessories, pieces of garment, perfumes and so on, not to deviate from the subject ? and so I can not help myself. But besides my obsession, there is also a good thing, the more I have, the longer I can wear, the more slowly they deteriorate. They are harder to manage and their investment is decresed over time that I can leave even heritage. This explanation can also be used by you and is perfectly valid.

So, returning to my favorite coats, this season you can find coats in all stores, thicker, thinner, longer, shorter, with all kinds of patterns and prints …. I could call it coats rainbow.

I do not know how, but I feel I need another one in my wardrobe. And because I would buy them all but I can not, I made a list below, with those that I really like. I will look at it and I will imagine that they are all in my wardrobe, maybe Santa will see and brings me one of them.

  • Plaid coat, Bershka












  •   Red coat, H & M

  • Yellow coat, H & M

  • Cream coat, Zara











  •  Coat with ecological fur, Zara

  • Robe, Zara

  • Frock-coat, Zara

  • Coat with geometric figures, Zara

  • Gray coat, Massimo Dutti

I’ve been looking for these models in mall shops, so if you like one, you can buy it anytime. If you do not have time to go shopping and do not want to have the same coat with your neighbor, I recommend the Romanian designers, which you can find on www.welovecouture.com / www.moja.ro and on many other sites.



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