Glamour model for a day

When I was little, at the age of 18, I dreamed about being on the catwalk, in a known designer dress, the flash of the photographers to shine in my eyes and to feel the most beautiful girl in the world!
I had an interesting experience, at about two years after this dream, at a Bucharest Fashion Week edition. Besides the collaboration with Romanita Iovan for the Escada, which was wonderful, the other presentations were a little overrated and I decided after the event to retreat from that world … too strange for me.
But what to see, 14 years since then, I heard of a Glamor Street Fashion Show content, about which I told you a while ago, which gave me the courage to get on a podium again.

My day at this contest began with a slight node in my throat because I did not know what was going to happen. We got to the place at noon. I made my registration and walked into the hall where the event was going to take place later. On the one side and on the other, there were seated make-up artists from Maybeline and hair stylists from Loreal Paris, who were involved in arranging competitions. A real noise and impatience, beautiful girls, mirrors, lights and talented people. Sounds like a small movie frame, doesn╩╣t it?

After I had my hair ready and arranged, I started to look for my team. The contest sounds like this: Glamor magazine chose 11 fashion bloggers in Romania and not every blogger, but the biggest. Each competitor had to choose the blogger from whose team he would be part of. I chose Ioana Grama and she chose me.

So with my hair done and the makeup in place I started to look for my team. Along the way, I met a lot of beautiful girls, bloggers, like me, with whom I had a great time.
I walked on the podium like in the old days, there were a lot of photographers in front of the podium, and I felt like a real model, but not lonely, as I felt at age of 18. Now I had 9 new friends who supported me. I laughed a lot, I took a lot of pictures, and met Ioana Grama, whom I talked about for hours and then went out to eat in the city together. It was a full, wonderful day!

I did not win any prize in the contest, the first place was taken by a girl in wheelchair, but I won many friends and a different day!

I recommend you to find various activities, because that’s how you relax and get out of the daily routine. A day like this, blessed me and gave me another mood, more beautiful and more positive.

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