Stagio Hairstyle, my favorite salon!

I do not know how you are, but every time I leave the hairstyle salon, I feel so good, beautiful and I always smile continuosly … just looking at me in the mirror … Is it because of my friend’s magic hands, Georgiana? I think so!

Ten years ago I met a pretty and super talented girl. Then I made my hair blonde for the first time, that blonde shade I wanted and I had never obtained. I remember watching myself in the mirror, with the dyed hair and the bob haircut (I miss that haircut …) and I felt in love! And so I became addicted to her, to her charming hands and to her salon, Stagio Hairstyle.

Since then, she has been the only person who made my haircuts, dyed my hair and took care of the health of my hair, which it is very important for her.

Last week, Stagio Hairstyle celebrated ten years, so my favorite stylist, Georgiana, wanted to mark the first decade of her business through a mega event. And she succeeded!

The theme of the event was autumn. Leaves on the ground, warm gold and brick colors, a large wool chandelier and unreal hairstyles, also accessorized with wool.

A saxophonist has assured that the background is a autumn story sung down on sober notes and a cotton candy machine was spinning, this wonderful delight of our childhood, but that fits so well with all that decor.

She had six models, including myself, and I am very grateful for being part of her story. We looked like some beautiful and tender creatures of another dimension, who were preparing to conquer the Earth.

The chosen theme describes her work the best. For her, a woman means beauty and tenderness, and her hair is like a portative, on which the musical notes, are dancing at will, happy.

It was an absolutely amazing event! She had everything needed for a successful event: a beautiful story, a wonderful decoration, many photographers and rooms everywhere, but first of all, her, the artist who makes from any woman’s hair an art!

Thank you Georgiana for taking care of my hair and I wish you beautiful and creative years!


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